11 People Share The Most Mysterious Thing They've Ever Witnessed

Ghosts are real. 100 percent. So are mermaids, but we'll save that for another time. The supernatural, witchcraft, a "sixth sense" — how can some of us still deny these exist when you consider the most mysterious things people have witnessed? There's so much we've yet to discover and so many things science can't explain — to assume we know all there is to know is so terribly narrow-minded.

Also, the Loch Ness Monster. That thing exists too.

Everyone knows that if you want to read a seriously strange story, all you have to do is head to Reddit. Redditors never hold back from sharing some of the creepiest things that have ever happened to them — from shadow people to feelings of time travel to spirits trying to connect from the "other side." Are half of them made up? Likely. But that wouldn't explain ghosts that have been caught on camera and how a coffin travels by water from Texas to Canada (stay tuned for that one).

These stories defy logic, plain and simple — not unlike crop circles, the Bermuda Triangle, and Trump's spray tan. Even if you're not a believer (yet), you need to check these out. (The creepy Reddit stories — not Trump's spray tan. Just so we're clear.)


An Unexpected Visit From Grandma

This would scar me for eternity, but it's simultaneously a little reassuring. Grandma wanted to pay one more visit before she crossed over.


The Traveling Coffin

Okay, that's one seriously ambitious coffin. The cool part about this story is that it did happen — with one major caveat: the details change depending on where you read the story. You can find one version here. Still, any way you cut it, this one is mysterious AF.


This Sad Insight

Experts have long said children are particularly sensitive and able to pick up on things adults can't, because they haven't yet developed that filter that tells them which things are and are not acceptable to believe and say. Their minds are still open.


A Quick Hello From Dad

Mirrors are either the coolest thing ever or they'll haunt your dreams until the day you die. I haven't decided yet. It's pretty neat that Dad left a message — as long as spirits don't start showing up in the mirror staring back at you. That's bound to put anyone in therapy for the next couple of decades.


The Man In The Nice Suit

The Best Ghost Award definitely goes to this guy, who died and came back to help move his own body.


A Haunted Shower

While losing someone you love is obviously soul-crushing, hopefully it brought this woman some comfort to know about it ahead of time. Also, this would ruin showers for me.


Grandpa's Always Close

It's nice to believe that even when our loved ones pass on and go somewhere else (wherever that may be), they're always watching us. Not all of us believe in this; but for those of us who do, it helps us stay close to people who are gone.


The Sound Of Breaking Plastic

The supernatural is already freaky; but when a mysterious spirit (or some other force) leaves in its trail busted up blinds as evidence, you never forget it.


Making Silly Faces

Yes... that's it! It was a... hallucination. Oh, and for the curious, here's the "goofy" (/horrific) face this person was talking about.


A Familiar Church

Here's another excellent example of how children can sense things that adults might not. They may not know the meaning behind it, but it's still pretty cool (and definitely mysterious!).


Time Playing Tricks On You

Not all mysterious stories star a ghost. In this case, it was a weird feeling of traveling back in time — even if only 20 seconds.