11 Super Hot, Easy-To-Use Sex Toys That Are Perfect For Trying With A New Partner

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A new partner means you get to share all kinds of exciting firsts. Your first date, your first kiss — and for some, there's nothing quite like your first time using a vibrator together. If the last one particularly interests you, there are some great sex toys for couples to try out with a new partner.

Sure, when you hear sex toys, you usually think of dildos or vibrators. And yes, there are a few of those included on the list. But if that doesn't sound like it's for you (and that's totally OK if it's not!), there are so many other types of products to explore. For instance, sometimes a really good body oil is all you need: It smells great, and it's a wonderful excuse to make somebody give you a massage. Or, maybe you'd like to try out some light bondage? There are sex toys that include blindfolds and handcuffs that are incredibly easy to use. (Plus, you can always use the blindfold as a sleeping mask for later, so it's sexy and practical.)

To celebrate your new partner, why not get a new toy? Plus, if your partner loves your sex toys as much as you do, it could be the start of something really beautiful — or just plain fun.


A Cock Ring That Can Satisfy Two At Once

IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring, $26, Amazon

This waterproof cock ring is great for partners that have a penis or enjoy clitoral stimulation — because it can be used as a penis ring, a massager, or both at the same time. It's made of body safe silicone, has seven vibrator speeds, and can stretch to accommodate any size.


A Little Egg With Remote Control Access

SVAKOM Mini Electric Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Egg, $47, Amazon

This little egg is a powerful vibrator, and it's controlled via a remote control — meaning your partner can give you a buzz from across the room if they want. It adds a fun element of surprise to your foreplay and it's USB rechargeable, so the toy will be ready for use again and again. It's also got five different vibration speeds.


A Dual Ended Dildo That's Flexible

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Jr Double Dong, $15, Amazon

This double dong is 12 inches long, has two ends, and is sturdy enough to be bent in half — meaning lots of flexibility to use with a partner. Reviewers like that it can bend enough to be comfortable, and that it's latex-free, too.


A Weird Looking Toy That Works Wonders

Utimi Remote Control Finger G-Spot Stimulator, $29, Amazon

At first glance, this looks like some kind of Pixar character that went really wrong. But actually, it's a G-spot vibrator that's great for couples. It's fully insertable and can be used hands-free, which feels great with its seven vibration modes. Made of medical grade silicone with remote control power, reviewers love to use it for foreplay.


An All Natural Lube That Smells Like Lavender

Aloe Cadabra Natural Organic Personal Lubricant, $11, Amazon

If you're with a new partner, who knows what products their skin might react to? To be on the safe side, give this all natural, water based lubricant a try. It's pH balanced, non-sticky, and completely vegan — because it's made with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, lavender oil, and aloe. Since it's water based, you can use this lube with any toy and it's completely condom-safe.


A Waterproof Vibrator With Multiple Heads

Lana 3 In 1 Bullet, $36, Amazon

This vibrator has three different removable heads, so you can experiment with a partner to find out what feels the best for both of you. All made from body safe silicone, and can work for hours at a time before needing to charge. It's also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath.


These Sex Dice That Glow In The Dark

Premium Sex Dice Game, $14, Amazon

Sometimes sex gets a little too serious, especially if you're with a new partner. So, to get rid of nerves and mix things up a little, try this glow-in -the-dark dice game. It comes with a rulebook and a bag to hold the dice, and is a great ice-breaker for new couples.


Vanilla Oil For A Sexy Massage

Vanilla Scented Massage Oil, $14, Amazon

A massage can be really amazing foreplay — it feels great, and it lets you and your partner physically connect before you jump into the action. This massage oil is a great choice since it's made from natural coconut and jojoba oils and has a fine vanilla scent. It glides on easily but doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue.


A Bejeweled Butt Plug

Akstore Small Steel Butt Plug, $6, Amazon

It's always nice to get jewels, so why not bedazzle your butthole? If you're into anal play, this butt plug is a winner. It's made of stainless steel, so it's perfectly safe for use and non-toxic. With a smooth exterior and small size, it's great for beginner butt stuff, and it weighs a little more than traditional butt plugs so you can feel the weight of it.


A Pillow For Perfect Positioning

Liberator Jazz Sex Positioning Pillow, $55, Amazon

Sometimes you need a little help getting into the perfect position and that's where this pillow comes in — it will help you try positions that you need a little lift and assitance with. The cover is completely washable, so it's easy to keep clean.


A Simple Set For Light Bondage Play

California Exotics Faux Fur Covered Metal Handcuffs with Keys and Blindfold, $14, Amazon

Handcuffs can be fun, especially when they're covered with soft, fuzzy fur. This set includes fuzzy handcuffs, keys, and a blindfold so you can have a little light bondage excitement. If you've never tried anything in the S&M world but you're curious, this set will give you and your partner a great start.

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