11 Things People Will Romanticize About The 2010s In The Future

by Eliza Castile
Comedy Central

No movie set in the '80s is complete without big hair and shoulder pads pointy enough to take an eye out. No TV show flashback can truly be considered '90s if it doesn't include Nirvana and cargo pants. Years from now, what stereotypes from the 2010s will become synonymous with the decade we're living in right now?

On Friday, that was the question posed by a Reddit user on the community Ask Reddit. "What do you think that people will romanticize about the 2010s?" they wrote. Although we'll have to wait and see what truly stands the test of time — here's hoping everyone forgets the promposal trend, because that was only cute for the 30 seconds it took to watch one video — thousands of Reddit users chimed in with their ideas of what people will eventually associate with the decade. All the hallmarks are there, from comic books and Pokemon Go to beards and undercuts.

You can read the entire thread for yourself on Ask Reddit, but the highlights are below. Before you begin, though, a word of warning: As one user put it, "This thread is making me nostalgic for a time period that's not even over yet."


The Ultimate Prom Playlist

Well, they're not wrong. Ever since its debut in 2011, fun.'s "We Are Young" has been a staple at every high school prom (along with commercials, retail playlists, and movie soundtracks).


Trap Music & Undercuts

That just about sums it up. Undercuts definitely had time to shine in the 2010s.


Tinder Dates

After its launch in 2012, the matchmaking app has become synonymous with modern dating. You can bet every movie set in 2014 is going to have at least one reference to swiping right.


Internet Stardom

There were Internet stars before 2010, but the past few years have truly been the golden age of YouTube superstardom. A decade ago, would millions of people have been aware enough of Logan Paul to be outraged at his video about finding a body in Japan's Aokigahara forest? Back then, it was still mostly music videos and clips from late-night television shows, so probably not.


Leaving The Phones At Home

This is more of a speculation into the future, but it really makes you reconsider how often you bring your phone (and by extension, its GPS) with you, doesn't it?


The New Myspace

No matter where social media ends up, Instagram (and all its #trends) will forever be synonymous with the 2010s.


The Bearded Gentleman

I'm not saying it won't come back into fashion, but the ever-so-hipster beard and suit look is already on the way out for now. It's just so 2012.


The Obvious Answer


Comic Book Movies

While Iron Man came out in 2008, the comic book movie industry didn't truly come into its own until a few years later. "I think when this goes south, it's going to go hard. Like 'pirate movie' hard," wrote one user. "Those things went out of style in the 1950's and you haven't see pirates on the screen regularly since (obvious random exceptions).


Pokemon Go

You knew Pokemon Go was going to turn up on the list somewhere. That fateful July, it was all anyone could focus on.


Net Neutrality

Enjoy these halcyon days of net neutrality while they last, folks.