These Underrated HGTV Shows Will Be Your Next TV Obsession

One of life's greatest comforts is settling down in front of the TV (or your laptop) and watching Fixer Upper or Property Brothers on HGTV. Between the constant shiplap references and the adorable bickering, it's no wonder these series own your heart. But there are some seriously underrated HGTV shows you could be obsessed with if you give them a chance — and now that Fixer Upper is coming to an end soon, you're going to need some new renovation shows to obsess over anyway.

From the myriad house hunting series to an addictive half-hour of competitive flea market shopping, HGTV is a virtual treasure trove of shows that will make you wish you were scaling the property ladder. (Or alternatively, really glad you're not, because open-concept homes are scary expensive.) Whether you love design, travel, or watching people completely demolish buildings with sledge hammers, there's an HGTV series for you.

During these days where every news cycle is a depressing one, design shows are a great way to allow your brain to relax for an hour and fantasize about stainless steel appliances and hitting the road in a tiny home. Allow yourself a much-needed dose of comfort food TV, and dive into one of these HGTV shows that deserve more love.

1. Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis is a boss. This woman is rehabbing homes that other people would just tear down, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. She's involved in every step of the renovation process from knocking down walls to picking out paint colors. Her love of old homes is infectious, and her hosting style is so down to earth you'll want to be her new best friend by the end of episode one.

2. Flea Market Flip

Sit back and let Lara Spencer guide you through a show that pits two teams of flea market devotees against one another as they buy items they can flip to make a profit. The best part of this series is seeing the completely random things people make out of old bicycles, wardrobes, and everything else you can imagine. And just so you know, bar carts are Flea Market Flip's shiplap.

3. Extreme Homes

A zen voiceover guy proves that anything can be turned into a home in this ode to bizarre houses. The show goes all over the world to find the kookiest and coolest abodes out there. After a marathon, you might find yourself tempted to live in a lighthouse or a stylish underground bunker, but because the voiceover guy makes everything sound so reasonable, you'll be at peace with your new life choices.

4. Good Bones

If Gilmore Girls' Lorelai and Rory flipped houses, they would be Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak. The mother-daughter duo are a flipping team with heart, and their banter is as refreshing as the amazing homes they create together.

5. House Hunters International

House Hunters is good, but House Hunters International is great. Watching American couples navigate international home markets is an amusing and eye-opening experience. Watch as each couple grapples with the idea that walk-in closets just aren't that important to the rest of the world, and sometimes you just have to be OK with 16th century homes not having indoor plumbing.

6. Brother Vs. Brother

What's better than watching Jonathan and Drew Scott working side by side? Watching them try to outdo each other for renovation glory.

7. Design On A Dime

Learn how to DIY everything you own into something better with Casey Noble — or just pop some popcorn and daydream about finally getting around to reinventing that bookcase you found on the side of the road with the way-too-simple to actually work tips this addictive show offers up.

8. Property Virgins

Property Virgins follows first time home buyers as they realize buying a house is a total nightmare. However, watching people buy a house for the first time will make you feel both superior and entertained.

9. Holmes Makes It Right

Mike Holmes is a real-life superhero. The top-notch contractor repairs homes that are suffering from shoddy workmanship, and he helps the homeowners get their lives back on track in the process. Holmes is the TV boyfriend you never knew you needed in your life.

10. Home Town

An adorable married couple offer up southern charm and create stunning homes in small town America. This show is just starting out, but it could fill the Fixer Upper shaped hole in your heart.

11. Tiny House, Big Living

It seems like everyone is fantasizing about downsizing these days, and it might be Tiny House, Big Living's fault. Living in a minuscule space seems so much more appealing when you can sleep in a loft and hit the road whenever you want.

These underrated HGTV shows are the relaxing, no fuss TV series that have been missing from your life.