11 Genius Ways To Make The Most Of A 3 Day Weekend

by Katie Mitchell
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Everyone loves a three-day weekend. When one is coming up, it's literally all anyone can talk about. You'll get the question "What do you have planned for the three-day weekend?" approximately 87 times before it's time to clock out. But even though three-day weekends are loved by all and highly anticipated, sometimes you just can't figure out the best way to spend them once they do come along. The key to making the most of a three-day weekend is planning ahead. You don't want to be scrambling to make plans hours before your weekend starts. That'll likely cause you to miss out, and I know you don't want a case of FOMO to kick off your three-day weekend.

Whether your goal is complete relaxation or an action-packed adventure, a three-day weekend is the best time to do that thing you've been wanting to do for months. The other thing that makes three-day weekends great is that most of your friends will have a three-day weekend too, if their job observes the same federal holidays. So kick it solo or link up with your crew for a great time that'll make your Instagram feed look like you're having the time of your life (because you will be).

Ahead, you'll find 11 suggestions that will help make your next three-day weekend the best one yet.


Scope Out Deals

Nobody likes three-day weekends more than companies that want you to spend your money with them. A lot of retail stores and restaurants will be running specials to coincide with the three-day weekend. Scope out deals around town and check out that new restaurant everyone’s been talking about.


Plan Travel Way Ahead Of Time

If you’re going to fly out of town, plan your travel way ahead of time. Once the three-day weekend is close, everyone is going to want to try to snag a flight, and prices are likely to go up. That goes for rental cars and train tickets too. Mapping out all the three-day weekends in the year and buying tickets out of town early will save you a headache and possibly intense FOMO.


Plan A Staycation

If you can’t make it out of town, consider planning a staycation. They’re cheaper and can be just as fun. Chances are there are neighborhoods nearby that you’ve never actually fully explored, or heck, maybe you just want to kick it at home. Three-day weekends are the perfect amount of time to enjoy a staycation.


Invite Friends Over

If you have a three-day weekend, chances are your friends do, too. Celebrate the fact that all your pals have an extra day off by hosting a get together at your place. It can be a game night, movie night, potluck, or combination of all three.


Unplug From Work Email

It might sound difficult, but seriously, don’t check your work email during a three-day weekend. Enjoy yourself, so you can come back to work refreshed and recharged. The work will still be there when you come back, I promise.


Enjoy Doing Nothing

Sometimes vegging out is the best use of your time. Doing nothing during a three-day weekend is a completely valid use of your time. Your regular schedule is already busy and hectic, so if you get a chance to do nothing — take it and enjoy it.


Start A New Project

And on the contrary... You know that project you keep saying you’d be able to start if only you had time? Start in on a three-day weekend. You’ll have time to plan it out and execute the first steps. You’ll be really proud of yourself for starting something new.


Get Back To Nature

There’s never a bad time to enjoy nature, but three-day weekends definitely are a great time. Whether you spend the day at the park or complete a weekend-long hiking trip, you’ll be happy you got to breathe in some fresh air and see cute animals.


Pick Up A Hobby

You’ve been looking through the basket weaving tag on Pinterest for weeks now. You might as well try your hand at the hobby you’ve been admiring on the internet. Who knows? You may be a complete natural at it.


Pamper Yourself

Everyone needs to be pampered every once and a while. Scour the web for facial deals, or treat yourself to an in-home spa. Heck, you can even try out a new yoga studio. Either way, prioritize your relaxation.


Declutter Your Space

Cleaning may not sound like the ideal way to spend your weekend, but a deep clean of your living space can be truly life-changing. A decluttered room can help you relax and actually enjoy being at home.

Your best three-day weekend awaits you. And remember, all these things can be done during a regular weekend, too.