Cute Sneakers To Wear To Graduation

Look, let's be real: graduations tend to be kind of long... and boring. Sure, it's an exciting and momentous occasion — but the ceremonies can get kind of arduous. And it's precisely for that reason that you might want to start scoping out cute sneakers to wear to graduation. Sure, it's sandal season, and sure, it's a somewhat formal affair — but if you're going to have to be standing on risers all afternoon and/or making long treks across uneven lawns, sensible shoes might honestly be your best option.

Plus, sneakers are completely in right now — they've been a favorite at fashion week for the past several seasons, and all kinds of celebrities are incorporating them into their street style looks. And with ultra-popular shoes like the FENTY x Puma line on the market, it's definitely safe to say that sneakers are truly having a moment.

So, with all that in mind, let's get to shopping: Luckily, there are tons of great options for graduation and otherwise, whether you're looking to go ultra trendy with super high end leather sneakers from the fanciest department store, low-key with quirky printed canvass, or even a little dressy with glittery shoes with satin laces.

1. Satin Bow Sneakers

Fenty Puma x Rihanna Stain Bow Sneakers, $160, Amazon

First things first, the FENTY Puma x Rihanna Satin Bow Sneakers are basically the definition of next-level awesome — plus, the giant bows make these a festive option.

2. Silver Leather Sneakers

Metallic sneakers have been steadily climbing in popularity, and the classic shape of these Nikes combines wonderfully with the futuristic silver leather.

3. Rainbow Glitter Sneakers

Keds x Kate Spade Glitter Sneakers, $85, Kate Spade

Hey, just because you're wearing sneakers doesn't mean you can't get fancy.

4. Perforated Leather High-Tops

Vans Unisex Slim High-Top Sneakers, $59, Madewell

Did classic leather Vans high-tops ever do anyone wrong?

4. Sateen Sneakers

Sateen Sneakers, $20, Zara

Navy blue sateen is another way to keep things fancy in sneakers.

5. Suede Heart Sneaker

Puma Suede Heart Sneaker, $80, Puma

Come on, you know you love those mint green velvet bows.

6. Printed Low-Top Sneakers

Comme Des Garçons Low-Top Sneakers, $125, Saks Fifth Avenue

A quirky bit of art on your shoes can be a great way to express your individuality when the rest of your outfit is covered up with graduation robes.

7. White Leather Lace-Up Sneakers

Adidas Stan Smith Lace-Up Sneakers, $54, Amazon

Come on, Stan Smiths are basically a must-have at this point. Why not rock them for your big day?

8. Embroidered Sneakers

Embroidery Trainers, $24, Top Shop

Shiny satin and delicate embroidered flowers? So pretty.

9. Rainbow Sole Sneakers

These fun little rainbows will definitely serve as a great counterpart for your somber robes.

10. Lavender Classic Leather Sneakers

With these, you can add in a pop of trendy pastel color to the proceedings.

11. Blue Leather Sneakers

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneaker, $415, Barneys

It doesn't get much more next-level than the ultra-luxurious Common Projects sneakers.

12. Pastel Platform Sneakers

Superga Pastel Platform Sneakers, $88, Anthropologie

Canvas sneakers with multicolored pastel platforms? YES.

All in all, sneakers are fun, comfortable, and trendy. What's the downside here?