13 Foods You Made Yourself For Breakfast In the…

Breakfast is always a magical meal — but is there anything more magical than the foods you made yourself for breakfast in the '90s? No. The answer is no. Sure, now that we're grown up we can go out to brunch and Instagram our plate until the sun goes down, but we all know there is a certain glory in a sweet bowl of breakfast cereal or a bagel smothered with peanut butter.

To be honest, I have breakfasts reminiscent of my youth more often than I anticipated I would when I imagined what life in adulthood would be like, but hey: Who can beat cold Pop-Tarts when you're in a rush? And as everyone will be happy to learn, you can still buy Waffle Crisp cereal today, so why not treat yourself?

Of course, it's to be expected that people's tastebuds and preferences will change over time; as a kid in the '90s, for example, I'm not sure I'd ever taken a bite of an avocado, and now I smear them on toast at least a few times a week. Still, nostalgia can taste sweet — literally — and sometimes it's fun to bring yourself back to childhood or your teen years via food.

If you're looking for some reminders of what you likely made yourself for breakfast in the '90s, I'm willing to bet more than a few of these will get your tastebuds moving.

Image: Fotolia


Oreo O's

Why this beloved cereal was discontinued, I'll never know, but it was truly the start to a tremendous day.


Quaker "Dinosaur Eggs" Oatmeal

Oatmeal is can be a hard sell with kids, but not when dinosaur eggs are involved.


Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts

Toasted or not, these little guys gave you the boost you needed to get through homeroom, no doubt about it.


Scrambled Eggs

Sure, these were not the perfectly poached eggs of our favorite brunch place, but we energized ourselves more than one morning in the '90s with a plate of cheesy, buttery scrambled eggs.


Leftovers From Dinner

Who didn't eat a cold piece of pizza for breakfast at least once in a while?


French Toast Crunch Cereal

As much as I love french toast, I certainly didn't attempt to make it for myself as a kid in the '90s. Thankfully, French Toast Crunch was there to save my mornings.


A Glass Of Hi C Juice

Not the ideal breakfast, but sometimes all you have time for is some juice.


Buttered Toast

If you wanted a warm breakfast and were allowed to use your toaster, this was the perfect way to start your day while feeling warm and cozy.


Trix Yogurt

Nothing beats colorful yogurt, am I right?


Fruity Pebbles

Have a little Flintstones with your breakfast.


Frosted Cheerios and Milk

A delightful take on a classic cereal.


Eggo Waffles

You were basically the original Eleven from Stranger Things, right?


Cookie Crisp and Chocolate Milk

If you had to beg your parents for a sweet cereal, you definitely pulled out all the stops for Cookie Crisp. If you were feeling daring, you upped the ante by pouring chocolate milk into your bowl. Mmm.