13 Early '00s Shows That You Already Forgot About, But Should Totally Revisit

by S. Atkinson

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You wore low slung jeans, 'shipped Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as a couple, and watched way too much television. So no wonder there are so many early '00s shows you've already forgotten about — you no longer have the same amount of spare time to fill with programs from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. No, now you devote your whole life to Netflix instead.

But prior to the Golden Age of Television, there was something much more fun and much less worthy. Of course, that would be the programming options of the '00s. Schedules were packed with reality TV shows, un-ironic cartoons, and the Olsen twins. Sure, sometimes television was tasteless and kitschy, but it was never boring.

So if you've got a spare weekend, get ready to do a deep-dive back into the decade that nobody seems to be as nostalgic for as the '90s. A decade when pop stars ruled our reality TV programming, teenagers on TV were never just teenagers (instead, they were robots or aliens or aspiring actors/singers), and an average town could be haunted by a thing called "The Weirdness." Enjoy the trip down memory lane.


'The Ashlee Simpson Show'

Was this a show or a successful marketing ploy to make Simpson, who wasn't particularly well known prior to the show, a household name before her album dropped in 2004? No matter the answer, it's fun to watch.


'State Of Grace'

Hannah and Grace are best friends from wildly (read: 2001 version of "wildly") different backgrounds. Hannah is from a middle-class Jewish family, while Grace is from a wealthy Catholic family. That's literally the entire premise.


'Moolah Beach'

"They'll be nowhere near a phone, a mall, or a movie theater." Baby boomers trolling millennials may have started with this show, which was like Survivor but with teenagers.


'My Life As A Teenage Robot'

Meet XJ-9, or Jenny Wakeman, just your average robot girl trying to juggle the stresses of high school with protecting planet Earth. We've all been there.



Taina Morales, the titular character, attended a high school that looked all sorts of cool: the Manhattan High School of the Performing Arts. Given Taina's desire to become a singer/actor and the occasional performance of a new song, this was Glee long before that show even existed.


'Rich Girls'

This MTV show followed Ally Hilfiger (yes, the daughter of Tommy) and her best friend as they endured their final semester of high school in a series of luxurious locations.


'Time Squad'

Described by creator Dave Wasson as "a C-student's guide to history," this Cartoon Network show focused on three time cops who travel back in time to attempt to resolve moments in history.


'Sorority Life'

This MTV show followed six girls at the University of California, Davis as they pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi.


'8 Simple Rules'

Based on the book 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter: And Other Tips from a Beleaguered Father (Not That Any of Them Work) by W. Bruce Cameron, the ABC show faced some challenges when the actor John Ritter who played the lead role of Paul Hennessy died after completing the first three episodes of Season 2.


'Caitlin's Way'

Caitlin Seeger lives on the streets until she's arrested, when she's given two options: a youth detention center or to move in with her mother's cousin who lives on a ranch in Montana. She opts for the latter, making it a great fish-out-of-water show.


'So Little Time'

Remember when the Olsens used to act instead of designing beautiful minimal clothing? Sure, you do, but you're probably thinking of their career-making performance as Michelle Tanner in Full House over this long-forgotten show focusing on 14-year-olds Chloe and Riley Carlson.



High school students Abby, Beth, Harold, and Kevin live in O'Grady, a town plagued by "The Weirdness," an undefined vibe that makes crazy, nonsensical stuff happen (think: clones being produced when a person gets angry, for example).


'Lloyd In Space'

Lloyd Nebulon lives in the future in the Intrepidville Space Station with his incredibly unique family (telekinetic and telepathic sister, space commander mother). But despite his unconventional situation, he's just an average teenage boy.

While you might have forgotten these shows, hopefully this list has jogged your memory. Ready, set, rewatch.