These Are The Best Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Still Wear After October

The one day of the year where no one will judge you for off-the-wall attire and makeup is around the corner. Halloween is all about taking on any kind of funky, glam, or sinister persona that you please. Though you probably wouldn't dare paint on a zombified face any given day of the year, there are tons of other Halloween makeup looks you can wear on October 31 and beyond.

Some of the most glam Halloween makeup looks are totally acceptable when the festivities are over. There's never a wrong time to try on dramatic Cleopatra-like cat eyes. Doll inspired eye looks are perfect for emphasizing your features on the daily. Even the spooky or grungiest makeovers can be toned down for everyday makeup. In fact, taking your Halloween makeup from night to daytime may be just what you need to add a little pizazz to your typical look. Bold lips, edgy eyes, and sparkle never hurt anyone, anyway.

The fun never has to stop once you hang up your getup for good. Halloween looks that don't need a costume, these 13 makeup tutorials are worth breaking out even when your spooky night has ended.


1920s Flapper

Popular trends typically come full circle, so painting on vintage flappers makeup on a causal Tuesday is A-OK. After all, what makeup lover could resist a good smokey eye and statement lip?



Cat eyes on fleek, anyone? Cleopatra inspired makeup isn't so out of the ordinary, considering loads of gold shimmer and wings are definitely a thing these days.


Vintage Barbie

Be sure to get your skills on point because looking like a barbie doll everyday is going to require precise makeup application to mirror this always on point beauty icon.


Jessica Rabbit

A woman who knew the power of a classic red lip, Jessica Rabbit is worth channelling for a night out on the town. You'll surely turn heads with makeup inspired by this red-headed bombshell— there's no doubt about it.


Betty Boop

Yet another power red look, Betty Boop makeup is simple enough to nail in a flash. All you'll need is a classic red lip, dramatic falsies, and white liner to make your peepers pop.


Wearable Witch

One of the best last-minute Halloween makeup looks, a witch costume can easily work on any given day. Just smoke out your eyes to the max and carve out your best features.


Mermaid Makeup

You've probably been living under a rock if it wasn't obvious by now that mermaid makeup featuring aquatic hues, loads of sparkle, and iridescent highlighter is trending heavily. So there's absolutely no way you could go wrong by transforming into a sea goddess post-Halloween.


Bratz Doll

Opt for Bratz Doll makeup any time you want to emphasize your eyes. Now go forth, and smize!


Princess Jasmine

Never will it not be acceptable to transform yourself into Disney royalty. Princess Jasmine hair and makeup is just too perf not to emulate year round.


Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams' beauty beat is where grunge meets glam. Must it be said again that smokey eyes and vampy lips are a makeup lover's happy place?


Beyoncé Grammys 2017 Makeup

All hail this glossy eye look that the 'queen bee' herself made popular during her Grammys performance. It goes without saying that Beyoncé inspired makeup gets the green light any day of the year.


Wearable Harley Quinn

Not everyone would go for the avant garde makeup Harley Quinn sports. A more wearable version of her two-toned look involves using red and blue hues together on both eyes rather than separately. Pair the eyes with a red lip and voilà!


Burlesque Makeup

Yet another makeup look that amps up the sexy, cabaret inspired beauty is ideal for date night and other nighttime fun. But feel free to rock wispy lashes, seductive eyes, and a power lip in the burlesque fashion anytime if you have a flair for the dramatic.


Halloween sure can inspire some fab, everyday beauty looks. You just have to be willing to make your costume more than just a one-day-only kind of thing.