Sign Ideas To Protest The Refugee Ban

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On Friday, President Donald Trump continued to exploit Americans' fear of terrorism by signing an executive order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven heavily Muslim countries from entering the United States. Protests against the order have broken out at airports nationwide, and if you're headed to one yourself, you're probably looking for sign ideas to protest the refugee ban.

Unfortunately, you have plenty of angles to choose from. According to CNN, the sweeping order bars approximately 218 million people from entering the United States. Legal travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries — Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen — have been temporarily banned, and Trump's order put an indefinite hold on the admission of refugees for at least four months while his administration reconsiders admission processes. He also calls for the eventual prioritization of refugees by religion. (If you're interested, you can read the full text here.)

On Sunday, protesters celebrated the decision by a federal judge in New York to temporarily block part of the executive order on the grounds that authorities can't deport individuals from the seven banned countries who arrived before the order was signed. However, protests are still ongoing at airports in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and more. If you plan on joining them, here are 13 creative ideas for signs protesting the refugee ban.


Require A Double-Take

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At first glance, this just looks like a call to resist, but if you read the fine print, this sign has an excerpt from "New Colossus," a sonnet by poet Emma Lazarus, immortalized on a plaque at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty.


Keep It Simple

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Keep in mind what you're demonstrating.


Reference The Statue Of Liberty

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This sign refers to one of the most recognizable phrases from "New Colossus," but there's plenty of material to choose from.


Demonstrate Your Welcome

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Stress the importance of welcoming everyone to the United States, particularly those forced to escape their own countries.


Highlight The Number Of Past Immigrants

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The U.S. was built on refugees; the Pilgrims came to North America fleeing religious persecution in England. Use your sign to point out that most of us are descended from immigrants.


Get Personal

PSA: Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, making her an immigrant. I wonder what she thinks of her husband's policies.


Make It Big

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It's hard to miss the neon lights and giant letters that make up this sign.


Tie In The Border Wall

Refugees aren't the only group affected by Trump's immigration policies. Tie in Trump's plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border as well.


Let Legal Immigrants In

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The refugee ban affects travelers with legal passports for at least 90 days.


Shout Your Experience

If you've been affected by discrimination in the past, consider sharing it at a protest.


Note How The U.S. Was Founded

Like the "immigrants" poster above, this sign points out that the U.S. was literally founded by immigrants.


Look To History

In 1939, due to immigration quotas, the U.S. turned away a group of Jewish refugees from Germany. They returned to Europe, where 254 later perished in the Holocaust. Use history to inform your protest signs.


Support Those Affected

In addition to a pause on all refugees entering the U.S., Trump's ban affects legal immigrants from countries whose populations are primarily Muslim. While you're protesting, support everyone affected by the ban — solidarity is more important than ever these days.