13 Gifts For New Moms That Aren’t Eye-rollingly Cutesy

There's a good chance that you know someone who has had a baby this year — and as of right now, they're probably stressing about the holiday season. As they've probably forgotten what it's like to enjoy something solely for themselves based on their new addition, there are a few good useful gifts for new moms that'll add a little bit of extra cheer into their life. Seriously — being a mom is hard work, and she's probably dealing with the added stress of whose side of the family will get the joyous honor of being the one that gets to celebrate "Baby's First Christmas."

New moms have been prepped to shelf things aside for awhile and be selfless. Not only is the stereotype about lack of sleep quite on point, but it's more than likely that her big chance to leave the house was likely to the grocery store, or to run another errand. That's why a holiday present for a new mom should either be something fun, or something she'd appreciate. Since babies grow every day, keepsakes and mementos she can look back on will always be winners. Just try to avoid things like gift cards to Babies 'R Us — yes, she'll use it (probably within the week) but it's not a gift that celebrates the fact that she's an individual who did such a monumental thing. Seriously — she brought a tiny person to the world.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


A Canvas Print

Karen Belz / Bustle

Photographs have come a long way in just a short amount of time. Since most of your new mom's photos probably live on Instagram, this is a chance to turn a memory into beautiful wall art. As you can see, I ordered one on a whim and this goofy moment makes my heart melt every time I see it.

Canvas Print, $29, CanvasPop


Superhero Mug

Moms are superheroes. They deal with a lot of crying, a lot of messes, and a lot of chaos on a daily basis — and they rarely complain. They also drink a lot of coffee, so this mug is kind of perfect.

Sung Hero Mug, $19, ModCloth


Mom-themed Wine Glass

New moms also tend to wind down with a glass of wine or three, so this sparkly wine glass may very well be perfect.

Mom AF Wine Glass, $14, Etsy


A Windowsill Garden

This may sound crazy, but the calm after putting a baby to bed is.... unsettling for a new mom. Especially for a mom who stays at home. It's almost like you don't know what to do with your time, since you've dedicated so much energy towards something else for hours on end. This "garden in a can" set is perfect, since it'll allow your new mom to continue nurturing something, but without the time and effort. Plus, she'll get basil out of the deal.

Garden-in-a-Can Herb Set, $25, Back to the Roots


Nestling Birds Necklace

Let your favorite mama bird represent her little flock with this cute necklace. This is perfect, since it's subtle enough to represent a young family without being too overbearing.

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace, $70, UncommonGoods


A Keepsake Ornament

This is more special than it may seem, since if the new mom celebrates Christmas, this'll be on the tree every year. Every time it's unpacked, she'll flash back to that very first holiday season.

Keepsake Ornament, $13, Hallmark


A Fluffy Robe

Depending on the age of the baby, your new mom friend may not get a lot of good showers. Sure, she stays clean — but she's learned how to do so in about two minutes. Long showers are likely saved for the weekend, if at all. That's why a nice, comfortable robe is perfect. It'll offer a bit of low-maintenance and time-friendly pampering she may not have had before.

Cozy Hooded Long Robe, $69, Victoria's Secret


A Foot Spa

You know what? She deserves this massaging foot spa. There's a good chance she was on her feet all day, and this is just the perfect thing for her to celebrate getting over the tough moments with ease — y'know, like when her child spit up all over that $25 one-use-only holiday outfit during Thanksgiving, or when that public tantrum happened.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager, $100, Amazon


Bath Bombs

Just like the foot spa, bath bombs promote relaxation. These bath fizzers from Da Bomb don't just smell good — they have a surprise inside. (The lavender version includes a motivational message, which may be just what she needs.)

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, $5, Target


A Fox Onesie

Because after dealing with so many onesies, she'll want one of her own. It's as simple as that. (Seriously, why can't all clothes just be one piece that snaps or zips?)

Matter of Fox Onesie, $39, ModCloth


A Photo Book

The new mom in your life might not be printing photos. If most of her pictures live on Instagram, consider downloading the Chatbooks app and letting her have a place for her most beloved first year memories to live forever. You can buy a series of books, or just one of the early classics.

Photo Book, $10+, Chatbooks


A Name Necklace

If you want to get more personal, this necklace may very well be perfect. This Etsy shop celebrates a child in a tiny, delicate, and incredibly beautiful way.

Personalized Necklace, $28, Etsy


"Letters To My Baby" Kit

If the new mom in your life likes to write, this gift will be a slam dunk. They'll be able to remember some of the most important milestones in a creative way. New parents can even postdate the letters to make them more special.

Letters To My Baby, $15, UncommonGoods