14 People Share Stories Of The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Halloween isn't here yet, but it's always a good time for scary stories that'll make you pee your pants a little. If you need some new material, all it takes is a simple Google search and you'll find countless people sharing stories of the creepiest thing that ever happened to them. If you love a good scare, this is right up your alley. If you'd like to sleep peacefully tonight or have any sort of heart condition, best to steer clear.

The stories span a variety of topics, from ghost sightings to creepy music that can't be explained to malfunctioning electronics and beyond. It's fascinating. It's eerie. It makes me want to cry for my mother. We're not talking about creepypasta — you know, web-based horror fiction. This is real life! Stuff that people truly experienced! Or at least stuff that they made up in their mind and then put on the internet claiming it's real but who cares because it's cool!

I love a good scary story. I love Halloween. I'm sorry, but I can't wait until October for all the good stuff to start circulating again. Here are some of the scariest things that have happened to the people of the interwebs.


The Man In The Window


Don't Look In The Peephole

Great. This makes me never want to look in the peephole again. And the evil laugh? That's never a good sign. Time to move to a new house, my friend.


Daddy's Home... Or Not

Nope, Daddy's not home. And I'm definitely sleeping with the lights on tonight.


Flying Fingerprints

Dear God, it can fly. Whatever it is, it can fly. You're never safe!


An Unwelcome Visitor

OK, I don't think there's anything scarier than a voice in a baby monitor. The only things you should hear coming from a baby monitor are the snores or giggles or farts of your wee one. Period.


Haunted As Sh*t

Do you see why you shouldn't get too chummy with the neighbors? It's better not to interact with them at all. They might try to stab you or set you on fire. #NoSpankYou


There's Something Under The Bed

Oh, hell no. What child on this earth would have the cajones to actually look under the bed? What grown adult would have the cajones to look under the bed? Just leave the room, deadbolt the door from the outside, and never look back.


A Creepy Premonition

Creepy AF, but I'd also like to take this child everywhere with me and let me know if any crazy ish was about to go down.


Wrong Number (Hopefully)

NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE. Seriously. Didn't you ever learn not to talk to strange numbers?


Walking Into Walls

An eight-foot-tall woman would scare the hell out of me too. Time to sleep with a weapon.


A Warning From Grandma

Scary? Yes. But also kind of heartwarming. Thanks for keeping a lookout, Grandma.


Chased Through The Woods


Paranormal Neighbors

Well, at least she was a friendly ghost. And hey, she was even doing laundry. I still rate this an 8/10 on the creepy scale.


Hello? Hello?

The only thing worse than a recording of a strange voice is a recording of your own. Thanks but no thanks.