15 Books With Bi Main Characters To Read This Pride Month

June is finally upon us, which means it's Pride Month: time to celebrate everything about being LGBTQIAP+! Bisexual and biromantic people often get overlooked, both inside and outside the queer community, so I've picked out 15 books with bi heroes and heroines to read this Pride Month. Whether you're bi, somewhere else under the queer umbrella, or an ally, you should definitely put these titles on your TBR, posthaste.

Any discussion of being bi usually warrants a brief caveat about terminology. Because bisexuality is defined as attraction to people of two or more genders, labels like pansexual, omnisexual, and polysexual fall beneath the umbrella of being bi. On a similar note, because there's a difference between sexual and romantic attraction, a person can be biromantic, but not necessarily bisexual. Above all else, it's important to remember that people have the right to define themselves, and you should refer to others using the labels they have chosen, not argue with them about how they are actually pan, poly, or ambisexual.

There is a wealth of bi literature out there, but books aren't often marketed according to the sexuality of their main characters, which is a fine approach to have, but can make it difficult for readers to easily find books that reflect their experiences. So please, drop me a line on Twitter to let me know the titles of your favorite books with bi heroes and heroines. Here are 15 that I'm super-excited to share with you.

'Let's Talk About Love' by Claire Kann

When Alice loses her girlfriend after she comes out as asexual, she shelves her dating life — until Takumi walks into it. Claire Kann's ace/biromantic heroine must decide whether to risk taking her newfound friendship with Takumi to the next level in Let's Talk About Love.

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'Leah on the Offbeat' by Becky Albertalli

This sequel to the hit Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda centers on Simon's best friend Leah, the drummer in an all-girl rock band, who is petrified to come out as bi to anyone other than her mom.

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'The Brightsiders' by Jen Wilde

Recovering from an abusive relationship and enduring her time in the trainwreck spotlight, The Brightsiders' drummer, Emmy, leans on her friends and bandmates in her hour of need. But is her burgeoning relationship with lead singer Alfie exactly what she needs, or another disaster to be avoided?

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'The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps' by Kai Ashante Wilson

Demigod Demane is a sorcerer hired to protect the Captain's caravan as it makes a treacherous journey, through the territory of a creature that is stronger than the magical wards used to protect the main road. Secret lovers, Demane and the Captain must combine their talents in order to pass safely through the Wildeeps.

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'The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue' by Mackenzi Lee

Heading out on his Grand Tour with his younger sister Felicity and his best friend — and secret crush — Percy, Monty Montague dreads returning home and settling down. But when Percy gets drunk and steals an objet from Versailles, the trio are plunged into an unexpected criminal scandal.

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'Reign of the Fallen' by Sarah Glenn Marsh

After necromancer Odessa loses her boyfriend to a Shade — a dead spirit accidentally seen by a living person — she must solve the mystery behind the rapid arrival of new Shades in the world. In the process, she develops feelings for Meredy, her late boyfriend's sister.

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'Borderline' by Mishell Baker

After a suicide attempt costs her both her legs and her career, Millie accepts a job with the Arcadia Project, monitoring the border between the human and fairy realms. A Hollywood star has gone missing, and he just so happens to belong to the Seelie Court, so it's up to Millie to find him.

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'The Mathematics of Change' by Amanda Kabak

Restless Carol wants something more out of life than being the wife of a university professor, but can any of the three love interests on her horizon — best friend and former lover Mitch, new faculty member Abby, and across-the-pond Reginald — give her what she truly needs?

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'Labyrinth Lost' by Zoraida Córdova

Powerful bruja Alex hates magic, so when her Deathday party rolls around, she musters up a spell to rid herself of her abilities. But when the spell makes Alex's whole family disappear, she's forced to team up with Nova, a brujo and one of her least-favorite people, to get them back.

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'Not Your Sidekick' by C.B. Lee

Jessica Tran comes from a family of superheroes, but she lacks powers of her own. Without a day-saving career to look forward to, Jess accepts an internship opportunity to bolster her college applications, only to learn that she's agreed to work for the worst supervillain her city has ever seen.

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'An Accident of Stars' by Foz Meadows

In this work of portal fantasy, 16-year-old Saffron follows Gwen, the woman who saves her from a bully, through a portal to a new world: Kena, a place torn apart by an impending civil war. Saffron joins Gwen and two other women in the resistance against Kena's leader, Vex Leoden, but can she belong in a world so different from her own?

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'I Hate Everyone But You' by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin

When college separates them for the first time, BFFs Ava and Gen keep their friendship alive through texts and emails. I Hate Everyone But You traces Ava's and Gen's first semesters, as the two young women navigate love, loss, and the trials and tribulations of dorm roommates.

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'Turning Japanese' by MariNaomi

In this graphic memoir, Japanese-American artist MariNaomi revisits her time working at a hostess bar in mid-1990s San Jose, where she dives deep into her Japanese heritage.

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'People Like Us' by Dana Mele

Popular soccer star Kay has built a new life at Bates Academy, one that doesn't involve her less-than-stellar past. But when a recently deceased student begins to lead Kay on a digital scavenger hunt, the girl with a lot of secrets finds herself at the heart of a murder investigation.

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'Chasing Stars' by Alex K. Thorne

By day, Ava works as a mousy personal assistant to a Hollywood A-lister, but by night, she's a flying crime-fighter called Swiftwing. Being a superhero is NBD, but her fake relationship with her boss and the feelings she might be developing? Those could be a problem.

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