16 Holiday Gifts For The Writer In Your Life Who REALLY Doesn't Need Another Journal

by E. Ce Miller

As a writer who is constantly aspiring myself, some of my all-time favorite holiday gifts have been those that recognize, celebrate, affirm, (and even just help me organize) my creativity. If you’re currently in the market for the perfect holiday gift for a writer in your life, you might be wondering: what do writers really want? (Outside of that illusive publishing contract, that is?) The good news for eager holiday gift givers is this: you don’t have to stick to the standard journal-and-pen-set anymore — although, we writers really could always use more of those. The writing life comes with tons of highly-coveted swag these days, from tees and totes, to coffee mugs, colorful wall prints, and inspirational books, to literally anything (and I do mean just about anything) that has a Harry Potter quote on it. Especially if Hermione Granger said it.

Basically, if it’s a gift that supports our coffee habit, smells like paper and ink, or comes from our favorite Wizarding World, it’s a gift we’re going to be totally thrilled with. The gifts on this list should help get you started. Here are 16 holiday gifts that any aspiring writer would love to receive this year.

A Book of the Month Club Subscription

3-month subscription, $45, Book of the Month

One of the best ways writers gain inspiration is by reading great books — and with a gift subscription to Book of the Month Club, you’ll be giving a writer you know and love exactly that. Each month, BOTM members get to choose one title from a selection of five carefully curated new books. Then the book is delivered directly to their door — sometimes with extra surprise swag inside.

'Bright Ideas Productivity Journal' by Chronicle Books

Bright Ideas Productivity Journal, $15, Chronicle Books

Organized productivity is the key to any successful writing life, and Chronicle Books’ Bright Ideas Productivity Journal is a fun and colorful way to help a writer get her creative ducks in a row. Perfect for outlining one project or keeping a myriad of to-dos organized, this journal is filled with all kinds of writerly inspiration.

"I'm Judging Your Grammar" Mug by Studio Strand

"I'm Judging Your Grammar" Mug, $13, Studio Strand

We writers are always doing this… And with a mug, now we don't have to say it aloud. Funny, festive, and even better when filled with coffee.

Bibliophilia Postcard Set from Obvious State

Bibliophilia Postcard Set, $20, Obvious State

A collaboration between Obvious State and Penguin Random House, this collection of 100 literary postcards is perfect for sending written correspondence (like all the great classic writers did) or for sprucing up a writing space. Plus, they feature quotes by everyone from Virginia Woolf to Jane Austen.

The Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl

The Sendak Artist Roll, $164, Peg and Awl

Designed for the writer and artist on the go, The Sendak Artist Roll by independent makers Peg and Awl is a gorgeous, luxurious, and functional way for the writer you love to keep all their pens, pencils, notes, journals and more organized in one place. A good writing session begins with the right tools, and with this artist roll, those tools will always be nearby.

Deconstructed Bound Lined Journal

Deconstructed Bound Lined Journal, $13, Barnes and Noble

The best way to get something done is to begin — and it’s a reminder that any procrastinating writer (aka: all of us) will be glad to have. This unique and vintage-vibey journal has exposed binding, which allows it to lie flat while you’re writing (if you’re a regular journal-writer, you know how critical this is.)

Ginny Weasley Quote Mounted Print

Ginny Weasley Quote Mounted Print, $45, Pottermore

Another way to remind the writer in your life that all their creative risks will someday merit reward is with this mounted print, created by illustrator Wanissa Somsuphangsri exclusively for the Pottermore store, and featuring an inspirational quote by the one-and-only Ginny Weasley.

Super Joy Notebook Set from MoMA Design

Super Joy Notebook Set, $10, MoMA Design

A two-notebook set that will definitely bring a writer some joy this holiday season is the Super Joy Notebook Set from the Museum of Modern Art Design Store. Each notebook features 64 thread-sewn blank pages, made from beautiful Fedrigoni papers in Italy. Che bello!

Wooden Inkless Pen

Wooden Inkless Pen, $39, Uncommon Goods

A pen that is filled with no ink, yet never runs out? Sounds like something a writer can only find between the pages of a J.K. Rowling novel. But it’s not! This Wooden Inkless Pen from Uncommon Goods is a metal-tipped tool that writes without ink or lead, never runs out, and leaves a light grey line that doesn’t smudge. (It doesn’t erase either, so it’s perfect for unedited free-writing sessions and final drafts!)

'Things Are What You Make of Them' by Adam J. Kurtz

'Things Are What You Make of Them' by Adam J. Kurtz, $12, Adam J. Kurtz

From the Adam J. Kurtz Gift Shop and published in October, Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives by Adam J. Kurtz is a handwritten book of wisdom, advice, and encouragement — expanding on a series of Kurtz’s previous essays — that all writers, makers, and creatives will find empowering and inspiring.

Composition Notebook Tote Bag from Out of Print

Composition Notebook Tote Bag, $18, Out of Print

From Out of Print, this canvas tote bag looks exactly like those composition notebooks we all remember and love from grade school — perfect for carrying books, journals, writing utensils, and everything else a working writer carries around with them all day. Plus, each purchase from Out of Print helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need. Love it.

"Read Write Repeat" Pennant

"Read Write Repeat" Pennant, $45, Rayo & Honey

Decorative inspiration that definitely belongs above every working writer’s desk, this simple, clean, and to-the-point pennant is handmade from 100% cotton Carhartt canvas, machine stitched on all sides with corresponding thread, and knotted above an oak hang stick.

'Writing as a Path to Awakening: A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life' by Albert Flynn DeSilver

'Writing as a Path to Awakening' by Albert Flynn DeSilver, $11, Sounds True

Out in September, Writing as a Path to Awakening: A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life by Albert Flynn DeSilver is a must-read for aspiring writers. Filled with mindful tips, tricks, and advice on how to channel the source of creativity, Writing as a Path to Awakening encourages regular meditation as an element of every writing practice — with ideas about incorporating the insights generated during meditation into the work a writer puts onto paper. Can you say 'Om'?

Books Are Magic Lightning Bolt T-Shirt

Books Are Magic Lightning Bolt T-Shirt, $22, Books Are Magic

Books are magic — but sometimes, especially when a writer is struggling to write one, it's easy to forget. From the Brooklyn-based Books Are Magic bookstore, this t-shirt will definitely inspire any working writer who needs a little reminder of the magic their hard work is creating.

'1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion' by Adam J. Kurtz

'1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion' by Adam J. Kurtz, $15, MoMA Design Store

Another journal that will help clean out the cobwebs, generate daily content, and get the creative juices flowing is 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion from the Museum of Modern Art Design Store. Designed to remind your writer to turn off the television, put down their phone, and pick up a pencil, 1 Page at a Time features 365 writing prompts that will guide them through a year of writing.

"Write Like a Motherfucker” Mug

“Write Like a Motherfucker” Mug, $24, The Rumpus Store

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good Cheryl Strayed quote, and “write like a motherfucker” might just be one of her best. From The Rumpus — where Dear Sugar got her start — this mug, emblazoned with Strayed’s iconic words, holds 16 ounces of coffee, coffee, coffee.