16 Rude Things People Have Said To Pregnant Women

Pregnant women go through a lot. Their bodies are changing, and their hormones are out of control — but the world keeps spinning, so they have to continue moving along like nothing is going on. Some people of the non-pregnant variety are sensitive to this; others, not so much — at least, that's what we can assume based on some of the rudest things people have said about pregnancy, according to a recent Reddit thread.

One might think that when it comes to a pregnant woman, we would all know to tread carefully and choose our words wisely. One would be wrong. From comments about their weight to questioning their eating habits to remarking that their vaginas will never look the same, there are people out there who still manage to come up with the most offensive, insulting, critical, and tone-deaf things to say to pregnant women, who top the list of people you definitely don't want to piss off.

The offenses shared in Reddit range from annoying-but-relatively-harmless to downright soul-crushing, but I think we can all agree when I say: WTF were you people thinking when these words left your mouth?

I don't think I'm even doing this justice. See for yourself.


Pregnant Or Fat?

I'm humiliated just reading this. Why does he think it's any of his business either way?


Natural Or Synthetic?

This is a thing? People really ask this? Does nobody have twins "naturally" anymore? Did I miss something?


Taxes Paid For It

There are no words. I'm pretty sure that's not how this works...


Breastmilk Plans

Not sure what other options there are.


Kegels With Strangers

Oh, you know, just an ordinary day at work. BTW, a stranger's vagina? Off-limits.


A Daughter Of Your Own

An adopted child is no less of a child. Adults say the darnedest things.


Girls Steal Your Beauty

Wow... really giving future mothers something to look forward to! Pregnant women are beautiful regardless of whether it's a boy or girl.


Do It For Your Husband

I don't even know what this means, and I'm still horrified.


But... You're Gay

Sperm stores are the best! Seriously, though. Lesbians get pregnant too, people. Science!


The New Star Of The Show

Sorry, Ma. You don't matter anymore. Nurse? You're fired.


Coworkers Who Say Too Much

Let it out of her sight? Is that how these things work?! This hurts my soul.


Not As Exciting As The First Time

I think Grandma drank a little too much. My heart aches for this gal.


Staying Fit Through Pregnancy

Haven't you ever heard that unborn babies are actually allergic to the gym? (Seriously, though — it's high time we dispel the myths surrounding pregnant women and fitness.)


A Pregnancy Diet

No mangoes for you, preggo!


A Torn Up Vajayjay


Just A Little Morning Sickness

This sounds like one of the toughest pregnancies ever... but sure, crackers should do the trick.