19 Donald Trump Jr. Instagram Photos That Show He's A Pretty Outdoorsy Dude

Shannon Finney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. has created somewhat of a reputation for being hyper-active on social media in recent years. Whether it's Twitter or Facebook, President Trump's son seems to enjoy being online. But that's not his only hobby; based on his Instagram photos, Trump Jr. seems like an outdoorsy dude.

Apart from showering praise on his father in photos containing emojis, throwing jabs at Democrats, or posting screenshots of his own tweets, lots of Trump Jr.'s photos show him hunting and spending time in the woods. He has more than one million followers on his Instagram account and describes himself in his Instagram bio as the "EVP of development and acquisitions [for] the Trump Organization" but also a "father, outdoorsman, and a past-life advisor on The Apprentice."

The president's son is also pretty active with his Instagram story highlights. In four separate sections, he has listed self-dubbed "unique" photos, "kids stuff," "me stuff," and then there's one tag for "humor — kind of.”

The content varies. For instance, in his self-titled "me stuff," Trump Jr. shared photos of himself sweating profusely at the gym, getting a haircut, and flexing in front of a mirror.

The rest of Trump Jr.'s photos show — more or less — a lot of outdoor activity, occasional family frolicking, some glimpses of dating former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, and other photos peppering his profile about "how to trigger a liberal." Here are just a few photos that reveal how much of an outdoor enthusiast Trump Jr. is


Wild Nature Selfies

Trump Jr. uses hashtags under nearly every photo he posts. In this particular one, he sought his followers' advice on facial hair. "Not sure I like having WiFi after a week in the mountains," he said in this caption. "Amazing time with great friends. I brought back some scruff as a souvenir. Maybe I should keep it??? LMK your thoughts. #scruff #beard #mountainman 😂💪"


Big Fan Of Fishing

The president's son also appears to love fishing. For the caption of this photo, Trump Jr. wrote that he captured "some great Northern Pike."


Big Fan of Shooting

In this photo, according to Trump Jr., he was enjoying some long-range shooting in Montana.


More Time In Nature

Tagging the Instagram hashtag for the Second Amendment, #2a, Trump Jr. said in the caption, "Nothing like getting in a little shooting on a chilly weekend morning. #shooting #weekend #longrange #2a" In many of his photos where he can be seen holding a firearm, Trump Jr. frequently tags "#2a."


Somewhere In Coffee Creek

The president's son seems to be a huge fan of Montana. In this photo from Coffee Creek, Trump Jr. said he was standing in the "incredible Montana landmarks originally named the haystack and steamship by Lewis and Clark on their voyage west."


More Fishing

In this photo, Trump Jr. claimed to have captured a grouper. He didn't state where he was.


Getting His Halloween On

It looks like Trump Jr. enjoys carving pumpkins — with a chainsaw. In his caption, Trump Jr. wrote that he was about to carve pumpkins for Halloween. His children's reaction, he said, was "priceless," he wrote. "After the initial shock they just thought I was crazy."


More Shootin'

According to Instagram's timeline, this photo was uploaded in 2015. Trump Jr. can be seen alongside friends in Florida, according to his caption.


Trying To Make A Point

This photo speaks for itself. In the caption, Trump Jr. boasted, "This is what happens when someone bets me a good sum that there’s no way that the guy from New York City would swim in a gator infested swamp/bayou down in Louisiana. Easy money!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣#swimming & #winning #louisiana #swamp #thing"


Did You Ask For More Selfies?

That's right. More nature selfies, in case you needed them. In this photo's caption, Trump Jr. wrote, "The only way to be good in the mountains is to practice with with real weight on your back. All the cardio in the world doesn’t matter if you’re not used to the weight."


Autumnal Hues

Using 11 hashtags for this caption, Trump Jr. wrote, "A little #throwback to last fall in the Yukon. Amazing time in the woods with lot of work and miles under foot. It this is my kind of vacation and where I go to relax. #throwbackthursday #tbt #hunting #archery #bowhunting #outdoor #adventures #outdoors #yukon #canada"


Another Day On The Water

It's clear from his photos that Trump Jr. loves fishing. Without tagging the location for this photo, the president's son said, "Great day on the water with my buddy @therealflyfishrich."


Way Up There

This one was tagged as British Columbia. "That’s my kind of terrain," Trump Jr. wrote.


Nature And Shades

"Great morning on the water," Trump Jr. wrote in this photo's caption. "Started off a bit wet and chilly but warming up nicely. #flyfishing #outdoors #trout #weekend"


More Sharks

This one was apparently "caught and released," according to Trump Jr. For the caption, he wrote, "Great day on the the water with my friends at @blacktiph. #fishing#catchandrelease#landbasedfishing#outdoors#weekend."


More Outing

The president's son tagged this one in South Texas, captioning it as "range time" again.


More Montana

It looks like Trump Jr. enjoys being photographed outdoor — a lot. He called this one a "beautiful" morning in Montana.



Trump Jr. did not specify the exact region for this photo but in its caption, he wrote, "Tough and unforgiving terrain and conditions but an amazing time in the outdoors with equally amazing friends."


Another Selfie For Good Measure

This time from Utah. "Nothing like a great morning in the woods," he captioned this shot.


Of course, there is a lot more to Trump Jr.'s Instagram. But time and again, it becomes clear that the president's son seems to really like fishing, carving pumpkins (with a chainsaw for some reason), and yes, take a lot of selfies in nature.