Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Kiersten Hickman

Let me guess — Father’s Day is coming up and you tend to always go for the same thing: A new CD, headphones, maybe some tools for his golfing set or grill? Well if you’re looking for something a bit new to give him this Father’s Day, don’t worry, this list of creative Father’s Day gift ideas will certainly get you out of this gift-giving funk.

Now the fun thing about Father’s Day is the fact that it is a day to celebrate all types of fathers out there. Yes, dog dads count in this as well! Basically, if there’s any dude out there who somehow takes care of another being — like a kid, an animal, and yes, even a car — could technically be celebrated on Father’s Day. So if you would like to thank your man for helping you take care of your new puppy after months of endless potty training mishaps and ripped up carpets? Now is the time to thank him!

This also counts for soon-to-be fathers who have a baby on the way. Sure, mom is the one who is carrying the baby and doing a ton of the work right now — but it’s still a time to thank soon-to-be fathers for their work in the process of getting ready for a new baby to join their everyday lives.

So whatever type of father is in your life — be it your father, grandfather, or a fiancé who helps out with the new dog — this list of creative gift ideas will help you out with the perfect gift for them this Father’s Day.

Best Dog Dad Ever Shirt

Best Dog Dad Ever Shirt, $21.99+, Etsy

Dog dads count on Father’s Day as well, ya know!

Longitude Latitude Sign

Longitude Latitude Sign, $69, Etsy

Is there a specific place that dad absolutely loves to visit? Or maybe he just loves being home? Give him the exact location to hang and remember with this clever longitude latitude sign!

Wood Docking System

Wood Docking System, $39.95, Etsy

Give dad the gift of convenience this Father’s Day with a single place to put all of his prized possessions — plugs in his phone, tablet, and a space to put his other necessities like rings, watches, wallet, and more!

Oak Tree & Acorn Shirt Set

Oak Tree & Acorn Shirt Set, $34, Etsy

For all the new fathers out there who have a new little acorn in the family, this gift is so cute it kind of hurts a little bit.

Dad Beer Glass

Dad Beer Glass, $15.99, Etsy

Beer glasses are always a classic gift for Father’s Day, but this year make it personal with this clever design, created just for dad!

Big Dipper Little Dipper T-Shirt Set

Big Dipper Little Dipper T-Shirt Set, $48, Etsy

For the dad who’s not the biggest fan of matching shirts, these t-shirts aren’t as forward in their “father-child” ties — but still super cute!

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Sneakers

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers, $99.99, Amazon

Is your dad trying to redo the deck outside, and craving a new stereo system outside? Help him out with these clever rock speakers that will blend in right with his outdoor aesthetic.

Shade Camp Chair

Shade Camp Chair, $22.49, Amazon

Dad is probably sick of sunburns by this point in life, so this chair will certainly be a favorite for his days at the beach, park, watching an outdoor game, music festivals, and so much more.

Red Wine Aerator

Red Wine Aerator, $10.99, Amazon

Why wait for the wine to breathe when dad can have it right away with this aerator?

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder, $39.99, Amazon

There’s seriously nothing that tastes better than freshly ground coffee in the morning — so give dad the gift of a great cup of joe.

Key/Phone Finder

Key/Phone Finder, $19.99, Amazon

Is dad always losing his keys? This should help him out a bit!

Igloo Party Bar

Igloo Party Par, $147.24, Target

For all of those deck parties with those new rock speakers, this party bar will certainly be a hit for all of mom and dad’s crazy adult friends!

Rope Hammock

Rope Hammock, $54.99, Target

A little hammock relaxing and a nice cold beer on Father’s Day? He will certainly be excited about that!

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball, $29.99, Target

For all of the dads who love to play outdoor games on a sunny day!

Double Burger Press

Double Burger Press, $19.95, Crate & Barrel

With this nifty tool, dad can make perfectly shaped burger patties for the grill!

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones, $19.95, Crate & Barrel

Does Dad love his whiskey, but hates the fact the ice constantly melts in his drink? These stones are for that exact purpose! Keep the drink cool without watering your drink down with ice.


Turntable, $379, Crate & Barrel

Are there records stored deep within dad’s garage or basement that he hasn’t touched in years? Give him the gift of good sounds this Father’s Day with this modern turntable.

Double Burner Grill

Double Burner Grill, $200, Crate & Barrel

Are you and the fam totally obsessed with grilling in the summertime, but seem to have issues with grilling some of the smaller items? This double burner is perfect for small slices of peaches, zucchini, and much more!

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, $34.95, Uncommon Goods

Is dad particular about his hot sauce flavors? Fix his constant complaining of never finding a hot sauce that suits dad’s needs with this hot sauce making kit! That’s right — he can make his own hot sauce and can stop complaining about hot sauce flavors forever.

Necktie Travel Roll

Necktie Travel Roll, $24, Uncommon Goods

No more wrinkly ties at events when dad is traveling! This necktie travel roll will keep his ties looking nice, clean, and wrinkle-free for his work events around the world.

BBQ Toolbox

BBQ Toolbox, $99, Uncommon Goods

Make a BBQ night this summer way easier for dad when he’s ready to make tons of barbecue for Fourth of July weekend!