21 Strange But Genius Things On Amazon That’ll Fascinate Any Curious Person

We really need to retire the phrase "curiosity killed the cat." A curious person is fascinated by all the new things the world has to offer — not a feline meeting a tragic end. I'm a naturally inquisitive person, which often leads me to buy an array of strange but genius products on Amazon.

There's even some evidence that curiosity is just as important as intelligence. The Harvard Business Review writes that curious people are better at handling the complexities of life and can ingest new information with ease. Plus, unlike your IQ, which you can't really change, CQ (curiosity quotient) can actually be enhanced over time.

Now, do I need products like a bazooka that makes sushi? Technically, no. But am I really, really curious about it? Heck yes! And who knows? By blasting out my own killer sushi, I might be more inclined to try other new things I'm curious about, like sushi croissants. Or sticks that whiten your teeth. Or deodorant made out of salt. So, if you're anything like me, take a look at some of these fascinating finds and see what sparks your interest. You'll only get smarter the more you cultivate your curious self.

1. A Deodorant Ball Made Of Salt

Himalayan Salt Ball, $16, Amazon

I knew that Himalayan Salt was a borderline magical product, but I had no idea you could use it as deodorant. If you've been wondering about Himalayan salt but aren't as interested in one of those lamps, this ball is a fascinating version to try. It's 100 percent Himalayan salt with no aluminum, colors, or fragrances. The salt kills bacteria, prevents odor entirely and leaves you feeling fresh.


2. A Lens Kit To Give You Professional Level Photos

Amir 3 In 1 Clip On Cell Phone Lens, $13, Amazon

Your cellphone can become a professional camera with this lens kit. You get a wide angle lens, fisheye lens, and macro lens for super up close shots — perfect for the traveler, the up and coming nature photographer, or some really good selfies. They're all easy to carry with you and they clip on and off your phone quickly, too, and they fit more smartphones.


3. A Peel That Makes Your Feet Feel Renewed

Grace & Stella Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliation Mask, $15, Amazon

I'll admit that I'm one of those people that likes pimple popping videos. It's gross, I know, but it's just so satisfying! And if you want next level satisfaction that actually benefits your feet, try this foot peel. The natural mask — made with 17 vegetable extracts —comes in little peach-scented booties you wear for about an hour. Then, in a day or two, you'll see all your dead skin flaking off. It's definitely on the gross side, but your feet will feel amazing and it'll be incredibly satisfying.


4. A Light That's Powdered By Gravity

GravityLight Self Powered LED Lamp, $80, Amazon

Okay, this is truly amazing — this LED lamp doesn't need any electricity to work, because it's powered by gravity. You fill the provided bag with about 25 pounds of weight and as the bag slowly falls, it creates electricity. You don't need any plugs or batteries. Plus, the company works in third world nations to bring light to areas with no access to electricity. That's pretty incredible.


5. An Acupressure Mat For Instant Relief

Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow, $40, Amazon

If you've been dying to try acupuncture, but can't afford many sessions, you can get the next best thing at home. Don't worry, it's not some kit full of needles for DIY acupuncture — it's this acupressure mat. The mat is filled with raised plastic bits that hit pressure points to immediately relieve neck and shoulder pain. It can help with sleep or headaches and lets you instantly relax. So many reviewers swear by it: "I lay on this for 10-15 minutes before bed and wake up pain free, not to mention my sleep quality is amazing. I don't know how or why it works, but I wish I had found this sooner."


6. A Kit To Make Your Very Own Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Making Kit, $40, Amazon

It'll feel like you're living in a Lush when you get this Bath Bomb kit. It comes with 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils and enough stuff to make 12 bombs. And this really does come with everything — from pre-measured cornstarch to plastic gloves to keep your hands clean. You get lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and grapefruit to create the scent of your dreams, and there's no artificial scents. You might become a bath only person after you make a few of these brilliant bombs yourself.


7. An Insanely Popular Card Game That Features Explosions And Kittens

Exploding Kittens: A Card Game About Kittens And Explosions And Sometimes Goats, $20, Amazon

If you're not curious about the name, then I don't know what to tell you. But don't be too alarmed — please know that no kittens will be harmed during the playing of this game. It's super fun and insanely popular. The card game was the most-backed product in Kickstarter history and has over 6,000 stellar reviews. Your goal in the game is to avoid exploding cats, and you might encounter laser pointers and catnip sandwiches along the way. If you're looking for an unusual game that's good for all ages, this is it.


8. A Notebook You Can Put In The Microwave

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $27, Amazon

Why would you want to put a notebook in the microwave? To erase it, of course! With this smart notebook, you can fill up all the pages with your doodles or notes, then stick it in the microwave to erase everything and start anew. You can also transfer your pen and paper notes to the Rocketbook app, where you can get to them any time you have access to the Cloud.


9. The Amazing Magnetic Putty From Space

KOBRA Tytan Magnetic Space Putty, $9, Amazon

This space putty may not actually come from the stars, but it's supremely fascinating. Imagine slime. Now, imagine slime with tons of tiny magnets in it. That's space putty! The goo reacts to magnets, and can start to look like it's moving on its own. The putty is fascinating, soothing, and great for stress relief.


10. Get Instantly Spreadable Butter With This Mill

Cooks Innovations Butter Mill Grate, $30, Amazon

If you're tired of ripping your bread when you're trying to spread butter, then you need this weird kitchen device. This tool takes any kind of butter, whether it's room temperature or ice cold, and turns it into tiny swirls of goodness. The butter is instantly spreadable and gives your food a perfect coating of butter. Then, you can keep the butter in the grate, put it in the fridge, and you'll have your perfectly spreadable butter any time.


11. A Mini Juicer You Can Take With You

Towabo USB Juicer, $40, Amazon

If you're curious about adding more green juice to your day, get this mini juicer. One, it's totally portable. Two, it charges via USB, so you don't even need to be near an outlet to make a delicious smoothie. Three, you can blend up everything right in the bottle. It's the easiest way to make juice and it's also kind of adorable. And it's great for smoothies, too.


12. A Tool That Makes Your Desk Completely Convertible

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Laptop Desk, $50, Amazon

Apparently, sitting at a desk is terrible for you, but committing to a standing desk can be really hard. So, get this affordable laptop desk that easily converts your regular desk into a standing desk whenever you want. Plus, you can use it as a laptop stand in bed or on the couch so your thighs don't burn up from the heat of your computer (something that's happened to me way too many times). It also comes with cooling fans to keep your computer working properly — and if you're curious about standing desks, this is an affordable way to do it.


13. A Bazooka That Makes Sushi

Sushedo Sushi Bazooka, $8, Amazon

Sure, you could roll your sushi by hand. But it takes forever and is very hard to get right. Or you could shoot your sushi out of a gun! This bazooka is a sushi rolling device that gives you at-home rolls that look like they came from the finest restaurant. It's easy to clean and makes it possible for you to eat sushi every night. Plus, you can make dinner with a bazooka. What more do you need?


14. A Great Skin Mask Made From Snails

Naruko Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask, $16 (10 Count), Amazon

Be honest. You're curious about this snail mask. At first, a mask from snail goo seemed super weird, but now snail masks are all the rage, and this paraben-free mask is great for hydrating and brightening your skin. If you want the most snail for your buck, this is the mask for you. One user wrote: "Snailiest mask I've tried yet. A bit tricky to unwrap and put in the face due to all the sticky snaily wonderfulness, but so worth it. Feels like a gel mask while on - very cooling."


15. A Solar Flashlight That Charges Your Phone

Esky Multi-Purpose Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Flashlight, $17, Amazon

You usually only need a flashlight in cases of emergency. Or when a cockroach runs into your bedroom, which is its own kind of emergency. Anyway, in times of need, you don't want to search your house for C cell batteries. Instead, get this solar panel flashlight. It's charged by the sun or a hand crank, and you can use it to light the way, listen to the radio, tell the time, and charge your phone or tablet. This thing will not fail you in an emergency, so it's a great thing to have around for peace of mind — especially if you're the curious type who loves adventures.


16. An Alarm That Wakes You With Gentle Morning Light

Sunrise Alarm Clock, $33, Amazon

Wake up the most natural way possible with this natural light alarm clock. Instead of waking to some horrible alarm sound, this alarm gradually lights up to wake you up naturally — and can lull you to sleep with a sunset function, too. if you want an audio alarm, too, you have six options of nature sounds to choose from.


17. A Brush That Instantly Straightens Your Hair

BESTOPE Hair Straightener Brush, $22, Amazon

I'm always trying to find a way to spend less time on my hair. This ceramic straightening brush does just that. Just brush your hair and let the straightener work its magic. You can control the temperature and it's guaranteed to never scald your scalp. it's gentle on hair, and the temperature is adjustable, too. The best part is it takes way less time than a blow out, making your mornings a lot easier.


18. A Hand Held Telescope To Gaze At The Stars

The Sarut Group Stellarscope Handheld Star Finder, $33, Amazon

When's the last time you took a break to go star gazing? With this handheld star finder, you can explore the skies — it'll chart the skies any day of the year you look at it, meaning you'll get a lot better at learning your constellations. I mean, Neil Degrasse Tyson has made astronomy utterly fascinating again and this little telescope gives you an up close look at all the stars around you. It also has a little keychain light if you get too lost while exploring.


19. A Natural Deodorant With An Excellent Scent

Schmidt's Deodorant Stick, $10, Amazon

So many people have switched over to natural deodorant, but I'm still a little nervous to take the plunge. Well, it turns out this bergamot and lime stick is a great one for first time users. It has a nice, light scent and it not only gets rid of odors, but stops wetness, too. With all natural ingredients and no aluminum or parabens, you can use it without worry. Reviewers swear by this stuff: "The best part is at the end of a hot day I truly don't at all. I couldn't believe it. I have put this stuff through several 95 degree days gardening outside and it's amazing. I also don't have the burning and itching with other deodorants. I won't be going back to anything but Schmidts."


20. A Stick To Whitening Your Teeth

Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit, $20, Amazon

Normally, I have no desire to chew on sticks. But these miswak twigs can whiten your teeth. Really! Without any toothpaste, you can chew on a stick and get a whiter smile in no time. The twigs from the Arak tree have been used to clean teeth for ages, so now you can jump on the trend and get a whiter smile with no chemicals involved. It sounds so odd, I can't wait to try it.


21. A Tabletop Terrarium

MyGift Modern Glass Pyramid Tabletop Terrarium Box, $20, Amazon

You can't always get out into nature as much as you'd like, so bring nature to you. This adorable desktop terrarium gives you a tiny garden you can put anywhere. The minimalist look goes great with every style of decor and it's specially designed for easy access to your growing plant.

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