21 Weird Bras On Amazon That Are Totally Genius

Every once in a while, I get really excited about wearing bras. What can I say — when I see a bra that’s completely different from anything you’re used to, I tend to pay attention. Take these weird bras on Amazon that are also totally genius — the second I saw each of them, I was not only intrigued, but also a bit enamored. Not only are each of them super different from your standard bra, but they also solve the common wardrobe problems many of us never thought we could solve. They're brilliant inventions that stand out amongst that familiar sea of white and beige bras that look exactly like the ones we've been buying forever. Quite simply, they're revolutionizing the way we think of and wear one of our most complicated sartorial items.

These weird bras may look a little quirky and unusual, but they'll fit like a dream, address unique problems that other bras haven't figured out quite yet, support your breasts so you don't experience aches and pains, and look amazing under various clothing types (or, better yet, effortlessly disappear beneath clothing so that you forget you're wearing one). These bras may not look like the others in your lingerie drawer, but once you read about what they can do you'll realize: that's the best thing about them, and it's exactly why you'll have to have them.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. The Plunge Bra Perfect For Low Cut Tops

ToBeInStyle Women's Deep Plunge Convertible V Bra (Sizes 30A-40D), $8.95-$29.95, Amazon

It's so difficult to find a decent bra when you're wearing a plunging blouse or dress. This odd-looking U-shape plunge bra offers incredible support, with removable straps that can be adjusted to what you're wearing. And since it's made with nylon and spandex, it's a comfortable option.


2. The Bra With Adjustable Cleavage

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bra (Sizes 32A-38C), $13-15, Amazon

Want more control of cleavage? This push-up padded bra can double your cup size if that's something you desire, but you also can adjust the amount of cleavage you want by loosening or tightening the ropes in the center of this corset-style bra.


3. This V Cut Bra With Convertible Straps

Va Bien Marquise Plunge Basque Convertible Bra (Sizes 34B-36E), $85, Amazon

The conventional straps on this low front V-cut plunge bra convert to halter and cross-cross straps to give you options, but the seamless, stretch microfiber cups ensure you aren't trading in comfort for functionality.


4. The Bra You Can Wear Six Different Ways

Plusexy Women's Push Up Strapless Bra (32A-42B), $21.88-$24.88, Amazon

Talk about versatility. You can wear this convertible push-up bra in so many different ways, depending on how you adjust the detachable straps. It's available in three colors — nude, black, and white — and delivers when it comes to support, comfort, and options.


5. These Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

Senchanting Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers (Sizes 30A-40D), $16, Amazon

Yes, they look a lot like chicken cutlets, but these self-adhesive silicone nipple covers are hypoallergenic, reusable, washable, waterproof, and work well under snug T-shirts or any article of clothing that works best with invisible undergarments. They're especially perfect for backless and strapless dresses!


6. The Bra That Improves Your Posture

Glamorise MagicLift Front Close Posture Support Bra (Sizes 34B-58K), $34, Amazon

It may give you old-school vintage vibes, but the Glamorise MagicLift is more than a throwback bra: it's designed to provide the ultimate posture-aiding support for less back pain. With wide straps, cotton-lycra support bands in the back, and a wireless inner cushion band, you'll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable bra.


7. The Sports Bra That Closes In The Front

Danskin Now Front Close Plunge Sport Bra, $20- $27, Amazon

Just when you thought all sports bras were starting to look alike, this sport bra from Danskin comes along to prove everyone wrong. With a front closure, this medium-impact sports bra can easily withstand the demands placed on your body during a tough workout. But, unlike many other sport bras, the plunging neckline works for a variety of workout gear (or can stand alone) and will keep you cooler for longer.


8. This Strapless Bra With Unique Support

Delimira Hand Shaped Lace Strapless Bra (Sizes 32A-34F), $21 - $23, Amazon

This pretty lace strapless bra boasts a finger shape design meant to mimic the way women hold up their breasts with their hands for the ultimate support. It features silicone strips and grip elastic work for a comfortable fit.


9. The Comfortable Bra That Can Help With Back Pain

Carole Martin Full Freedom Comfort Bra (Sizes 34B-48D), $14, Amazon

The Full Freedom Comfort Bra is designed to lift from all angles, and the extra wide straps help prevent back pain. It looks less structured than most bras, which may make you wonder if it can truly offer support, but over 1,500 reviewers mostly rate it as a top choice — a bra so comfy you'll want to sleep in it.


10. The Backless Corset Bra

Decency CB Invisible Bra (Sizes A-DD), $24- $32, Amazon

From the front, the Decency CB Invisible Bra looks like a supportive, push-up corset bra that you can wear with a plunging neckline. But the bra's wonderful secret is that it's totally backless and sideless — you can wear it with anything and there are no straps getting in the way of a great outfit.


11. This Cage Bra Adds Structure And Support

Jelinda Harness Elastic Cupless Cage Bra (Size: One Size), $13, Amazon

An adjustable harness elastic cupless cage bra can be worn over or under another bra for additional structure and support, or you can wear it alone under a tank or dress.


12. This Comfortable Bra That's Perfect For Leisure

Intimate Portal Leisure Bra (Sizes 34 B/C-44D), $18, Amazon

A smooth, nylon/spandex bra with a cotton lining, wide straps, a V-back design, and convenient inner pockets for inserting pads or prosthesis, this Intimate Portal Leisure Bra is incredibly useful. Additionally, this soft cami bra feels like a second skin, and features beautiful draped material that might tempt you to wear it out.


13. The Wirefree Bra That Keeps You Secure

Warner's No Side Effects Wirefree Contour Bra (Sizes 34A-38D), $19- $30, Amazon

Sideway spillage — when your breasts peep out of the sides of a bra — happens sometimes. But this No Side Effects Warner bra tackles the issue with a seamless contour design that is cut high enough on the sides to prevent "sleevage." It has front-adjustable straps and reviewers say it's so comfortable they often forget they're even wearing a bra.


14. This Beautiful Hi-Neck Bralette

Mae Hi-Neck Lace Bralette (Sizes Small-X-Large), $16, Amazon

You may not be able to easily hide this gorgeous lace hi-neck bralette under your clothes — but that's exactly the point. On the one hand, this bralette offers light comfort that is ideal for cup sizes A-C, but on the other, it's much more than an undergarment: It's a casually comfortable pullover bra with a T-back and center cut-out that you can easily make a part of your outfit.


15. These Silicone Cups That Can Enhance Cleavage

Fashion Forms Silicone Skin Cleavage Enhancer (Sizes A-D), $36, Amazon

Made with 100 percent silicone, this backless and strapless adhesive bra can be washed and reused up to 25 times. Wear them with dresses, tanks, and sheer clothing, and feel the freedom of a bra that you can move in.


16. The Sports Bra Made For High-Impact Workouts

SYROKAN High Impact Full Coverage Sports Bra (Sizes 32A-40E), $22, Amazon

No matter what sport or activity gets you moving, SYROKAN High Impact Full Coverage Sports Bra will keep your workout comfortable with its breathable fabric. The molded cup inserts ensure optimum support, and the bra comes in four shades: blue, pink, black, and white.


17. The Bra That Keeps You Cool

Warner's Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra (Sizes 34B-40D), $20- $30, Amazon

After a few hours of bra wear — or on any given summer day — sweat can accumulate under the breasts, which can feel very uncomfortable. Warner's Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra is your typical T-shirt bra with one super big plus: it's made with a special lining in the cups that cools and wicks away moisture. The front-adjustable straps also convert to criss-cross straps.


18. A Double-Lined Wireless Bra With Front-Adjustable Straps

Chafing is one of those uncomfortable evils that come along with wearing a thin bra. This bra by Bali is double-lined, which helps prevent chafing — and it has wire-free cups and straps that are easily adjustable in the front. Available colors: 16 Available sizes: 34B — 44DD

19. This Low Back Bra Converter

Fashion Forms Adjustable Low Back Converter (2 Pack), $7, Amazon

It looks incredibly odd, but this low back bra converter is exactly the tool you need to take your standard bra and transform it into one that support any low back dress or top. Simply attach the hook end of the strap to the eyes of your bra, wrap the belt around your waist, adjust it, and, voila, you have the weird bra you totally need.


20. The Bra With Clear Halter Straps

Maidenform Sexy Plunge Bra (Sizes 34A-38D), $27, Amazon

It may look like a complicated bra, but the Maidenform Sexy Plunge Bra is deceptively simple: it can be worn as a support under low-cut shirts and dresses, and comes with a clear halter strap for quick outfit changes.


21. The Bra That's Also A Camisole

Hanro Allure Bra Camisole (Sizes 32A-38C), $60 -$89, Amazon

Is it a bra? Is it a cami? Actually, Hanro Allure Bra Camisole is both: a multifunctional basic wardrobe piece and undergarment that is as comfortable as it is cute. Made with built-in molded cups and adjustable straps, you can simply throw this on in the morning with jeans or shorts and head out the door to run errands — it's casual and laid back, but offers enough support to feel like a bra. So, really, it's the best of both worlds.

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