22 Bizarre But Brilliant Products That’ll Make Your Home & Bathroom More Hygienic

You never realize how much stuff miraculously gets cleaned until you move out of your parents' house for the first time. Suddenly everything's dusty, your hair collects in tumbleweeds on the bathroom floor, and clean towels no longer miraculously appear. Good thing there are these weird but genius products that make your home hygienic. No, they won't do all your chores for you, but they will make it a hell of a lot easier to have a clean adult-like space.

I'm not exactly lazy, but I am all about efficiency. If it takes an hour to clean the floor with the mop, and another hour to clean the mop itself, I'm probably not going to mop the floor on my day off. On the other hand, if I've got smart and convenient cleaning gadgets that make the most out of my time, I'll be way more likely to keep up with around-the-house stuff.

These products might seem a little strange, but people swear that they work wonders as far as keeping their living space clean and hygienic. Best of all, they do so with minimal effort, so you can do more of what you want in a space that's fresh and enjoyable.

1. This Bath Mat Made Out Of Aquatic Organism Fossils

Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat, $30, Amazon

This insanely bizarre Diatomaceous Earth bath mat is made of ancient phytoplankton, which is basically the fossils of tiny aquatic organisms. That being said, it's antibacterial, self-deodorizing, extremely absorbent, and even purifies the air around it. "I thought this was some voodoo stone, but it turns out it's actually the water absorbing miracle they said it would be," says one reviewer.


2. A Bizarre Gel That Soaks Up Odors

Smells Begone Odor Absorber Gel, $7, Amazon

This weird solid gel is called Smells Begone Odor Absorber, and it's made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic essential oils. Simply remove the liner and place the jar anywhere (bathroom, kitchen, garage, you name it) to soak up everything from mold to cigarette smoke.


3. This Flexible Duster That Removes Germs

E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Duster, $36, Amazon

If your floors are clean but your moldings are dusty, your house isn't clean! The E-Cloth Flexi-Edge duster has a special washable head that removes up to 99 percent of dust and germs. Get this, though — it bends and flexes so you can clean walls, furniture legs, molding, and corners. One reviewer concurs: "Awesome for cleaning walls, ceilings, baseboards. I love that I can just wash the pad after each cleaning session."


4. This Goo That Picks Up Germs In Hard To Clean Objects

WannaBi Sticky Jelly Gel Compound Dust Wiper, $6, Amazon

This freaky gel is a great way to get dust and crumbs out of those hard-to-reach places — like the inside of your keyboards, phones, and even printers. It feels pretty much like hair gel, making it a lot of fun to use, too.


5. The Knife That Keeps Jam And Butter Off Your Counter

Standing Knife Spreader, $18, Amazon

If your designated spreading knife ends up getting butter all over the table, consider this standing knife spreader. It's stainless steel with a weighted base to ensure that jam or peanut butter never ends up on the counter again. It's also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


6. This Quick Drying Storage Solution To Prevent Mold

Quick Dry Hanging Bath Organizer, $11, Amazon

This hanging shower organizer means no more mold in the corners of your shower and under your shampoo bottles. The quality mesh drains out the water, dries quickly, and can be washed in the machine. It's also got six pockets and holds a surprising amount of weight.


7. These Towels That Actually Prevent Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Growth

Laguna Blue Antibacterial Bath Towels, $35 (Set of 2), Amazon

People are obsessing over these Laguna Blue Antibacterial bath towels. Not only do they dry super fast to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, but they use a microfiber material that's actually more resistant to bacteria. It's also insanely soft, easy to care for, and dries skin much faster.


8. A Brush That Cleans Your Cutlery To Perfection

Joseph Joseph Cutlery Cleaner, $10, Amazon

Effectively scrub between prongs and get all that residue off your knives with the Joseph Joseph cutlery cleaner. It uses an innovative two-sided bristle design to clean both sizes at once, and it's got a textured hand grip to make doing the dishes easy and comfortable.


9. This Brilliant Antimicrobial Toilet Seat Lifter

Sani-Hani Toilet Seat Lifter, $6, Amazon

The Sani-Hani toilet seat lifter is a genius way to ensure that you never need to touch the germy toilet bowl ever again. It's got a rounded design that's easy to grab and simple to attach. Best of all, the material is durable and antimicrobial to make your life so much cleaner.


10. A Futuristic Trash Can With A Carbon Purifier

iTouchless Deodorizing Trash Can, $48, Amazon

This super futuristic trash can flips open when it senses your presence so you never have to touch it — or accidentally get the garbage all over the top of the can. It's also got a built-in carbon filter to make sure that your kitchen constantly smells fresh, and a surface that repels dust, dirt, and fingerprints.


11. The Brush That Removes Bacteria And Mold Marks From Grout

Fugenial "Fuginator" Tile Cleaner, $12, Amazon

This strange brush is called the Fuginator, and it cleans bacteria and mold marks from cement and elastic grouting. The ergonomically formed handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the bristles are strong and powerful to keep your bathroom or back splash extra sanitary.


12. A Dust Mite Spray For Your Mattress

Dust Mite Spray, $15, Amazon

This clove and cinnamon spray kills any dust mites without harmful chemicals — and can be used on carpets, mattresses, furniture, and pillows. Because it's made with only essential oils, it's also safe to use on things like pet beds and stuffed animals, too.


13. This Extremely Hygienic Sponge That Cleans Everything Without Scratching

Scratch Free Scrub Daddy, $14 (Set of 4), Amazon

Nothing removes grime and build-up like the Scrub Daddy — and because it's made from a unique FlexTexture material that gets harder in cold water and softer in warm water, you can use it for everything from the bath tub to dishes. It also rinses clean, can be reused over and over again, and has two eye holes for easy gripping. Plus, it doesn't smell over time like other sponges do.


14. This Vacuum Sealer That Keeps Food Fresh

Cordless Mini Vacuum Sealer Machine, $23, Amazon

Keep all the food in your kitchen extra fresh with this mini vacuum sealer machine. It's USB rechargeable and sucks all the air out of the five included bags for vacuum-tight freshness. The bags are also reusable, so you don't have to worry about constantly buying replacements.


15. Turn Any Vent Or Fan Into An Air Purifier

HooAMI Sky Essential Oil Clip, $13, Amazon

Turn any vent or fan into a mini air purifier with the HooAMI Sky essential oil clip. It comes with 12 colorful round refill pads that hold and dispense all your favorite air-cleaning essential oils. You can use it in the car, of course, but it's equally as useful in a home or office. It also comes with a blue velvet holding pouch, and reviewers say, "Better than chemically charged air fresheners you purchase at stores."


16. This Odd Worm Thing That Collects Moisture

Miles Kimball Water Snake Moisture Absorber, $13, Amazon

It's bizarre, but it's a great addition to any room that collects mold and moisture — think: places like the bathroom or the laundry room. This Miles Kimball Water Snake is made from natural materials and holds up to ten times its weight in water, so you can keep any space dry and mold-free. It will also prevent damage to your windowsills from condensation over time.


17. This Brush That Dispenses Soap Right Onto The Dishes

OXO Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, $10, Amazon

This OXO brush fits in the palm of your hand and has a special reservoir that holds your dishwashing soap. Just press the button on top for more suds, and go about your cleaning duties – and prevent old soap from caking up around your sink, too.


18. This Innovative Mat That Keeps Your Makeup Brushes Cleaner

Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat, $25, Amazon

Makeup brushes are absolutely loaded with germs, and they touch your face every day. The Sigma Beauty Express mat attaches to your sink with suction cups, and has seven patented textures so you can clean all the build-up and germs from your makeup brushes.


19. A Soap And Sponge Holder That Prevents Mildew And Scum

Aira Soap Saver, $8, Amazon

You know that gross pool of water and soap scum that collects in your soap dish? No more. The Aira Soap Saver is made from a chemical free, soft, and flexible bioplastic that lifts your soap up, letting the water and scum drain away. It's also great for mildew-free sponges, and comes in tons of different colors.


20. The Oven Liner That Will Save You In The Kitchen

Evelots Oven Liners, $12 (Pack of 2), Amazon

These Evelots oven liners are made of Nonstick fiberglass, and you can actually reuse them. They collect drips, stains, and (of course) melted cheese at the bottom of your oven, and they can heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're not one to clean your oven (or just hate to), this will be a lifesaver.


21. This Toilet Brush With A Built-In Sanitizing Reservoir

Dip-San Toilet Brush, $34, Amazon

The Dip-San toilet brush is one of the only toilet brushes that keeps things totally sanitary after use. That's because it's got a reservoir of antibacterial liquid and a depression handle that dips the brush head right in. It's also well-made and surprisingly stylish.


22. This Personal Purifier And Air Ionizer

Holmes Desktop Air Purifier, $32, Amazon

The Holmes desktop air purifier is strange because it's small, effective, and oddly affordable. It removes up to 99 percent of airborne particles using three different speeds, and even has an optional ionizer setting. Whether they use it in the office, kitchen, or bathroom, reviewers say their spaces are fresher and have fewer allergens.

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