23 Genius Things On Amazon For People Who Are Lazy AF

I’m what you might call a functional disaster. At work, I’m all about crushing it. At home though, it’s a different story: there are piles of dirty dishes, dust bunnies, and I can’t even remember the last time I actually folded up my laundry. That's why I rely on products designed for people who are lazy AF.

If you’ve ever had one of those days when just rolling out of bed feels like a chore, and the thought of making a cup of coffee or even brushing your teeth makes you feel like you’re about to run a 5K, you know what I’m talking about. Lately though, I’ve learned not to sweat it too much, because there are products that have been specially designed to make everyday life a lot easier to manage.

From a microwavable pasta cooker to funky clothes organizers, the weird but genius things on this list are an absolute lifesaver if you’re someone like me who regularly struggles with laziness. The added bonus here is that you can get everything you need off Amazon, which means you don’t even have to leave your couch (or interrupt any binge-watching sessions) to start transforming your life.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of benefits to being lazy — but having a few of these ingenious items at your disposal definitely won't hurt, either.

by Shayna Murphy

1. This Microwave Pasta Maker That Makes Cooking Spaghetti Even Easier

Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker, $15, Amazon

I'll be honest: I've burned a lot of pasta in my day and I've caught a lot of flak for it in the process. A microwave pasta cooker means an end to all that. No need to boil a big pot or wait around and keeping stirring so pasta doesn't stick to the bottom. Just pop your rotini in the microwave and get to ready to enjoy al-dente, every time.


2. These Hypoallergenic Body Wipes For When You Don't Want To Shower

GoodWipes Women's Deodorizing Body Biodegradable Wipes, $10, Amazon

Sometimes a long, hot shower just isn't in the cards. If you're don't have the time or energy to jump in the tub, you may want to grab a pack of these alcohol-free, hypoallergenic body wipes. Made with tea tree and aloe, these wipes help remove set-in dirt and oils, and work to prevent sweat and body odor buildup.


3. This Makeup Removal Towel That Makes Bedtime A Breeze

Miracle Face Erase Microfiber Makeup Remover Face Cloths, $12 (2-Pack), Amazon

After a night out, the last thing I usually want to do is scrub off all my makeup, but a soft face cloth like this helps simplify the process. Designed to remove 100-percent of cosmetics using only water, this microfiber cloth is easy to use and super gentle on sensitive skin.


4. This Wet-To-Straight Hair Straightener For Stylish Tresses

Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, $27, Amazon

One of the cardinal rules of straightening hair with a flat iron is that you have to make sure your hair isn't wet, otherwise applying direct heat could rid your locks of vital nutrients. That all goes out the window with this unique straightener, which straightens and dries hair at the same time and features special steam vents that help remove water from strands, preventing damage.


5. This Clothes Folder That Makes Organizing Laundry Easier

Ohuhu Clothes Folder with Towel Clips, $12, Amazon

If your least favorite chore is folding clothes, get ready to tackle that problem once and for all with this life-altering clothes folder. Seriously, if you dread doing laundry every week because folding takes so much time, this ultra-efficient folder will help you tackle stacks faster that you could have thought possible, freeing you up to do more important things, like take a nap.


6. This Snug Travel Pillow For Chilling At Home Or On The Go

Lights Out Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Get comfortable during your next big trip (or Hulu staycation) with this multi-functional neck pillow, which is made of soft fleece and features a detachable hoodie that helps block out light if you're to catch some sleep.


7. This Automatic Soap Dispenser For Lazy People That Also Hate Germs

EcoDefy Automatic Touchless Hand Soap and Sanitizer Countertop Dispenser, $20, Amazon

Made from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, this sleek and stylish soap dispenser is an eco-friendly way to keep your hands clean. This automatic dispenser also helps prevent the spread of germs, and comes with three different settings, so you can exactly the amount of soap you want dispensed every time.


8. This Cordless Robot Vacuum That Cleans Everything For You

Ecovacs Robotics Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, $160, Amazon

Carpets are a trap for the worst kinds of stains and dirt , but pulling out a vacuum cleaner and going to town on the mess can feel like the most annoying chore ever. With this robotic vacuum cleaner, you can put your feet up and let it do all the work for you. Who doesn't love the sound of that?


9. This Two-In-One Coffee And Milk Combo

Soylent Meal Replacement Drink, $40 (2-pack), Amazon

Get all the protein and nutrients you need to start the day with this ready-to-drink meal that combines the rich taste of milk and the magically restorative powers of coffee. Whether you're on the run or just don't feel like cooking, this drink will work to perk you up.


10. This Fast-Acting Root Concealer For Between Dye Jobs

Style Edit Root Concealer (2 oz.), $17, Amazon

Designed to cover-up roots between coloring appointments, this root concealer is a solid pick if you want to extend the life of your latest color. With up to five color-adjusting formulas, this concealer can match hair in a variety of shades and preserves hair's natural shine. It also dries quickly and washes out with shampoo, making it an excellent little beauty secret.


11. These Practical No-Tie Shoelaces

Lock Laces, $8, Amazon

Shoe laces keep coming undone? These elastic, no-tie shoelaces are a great option if traditional laces are leaving you feeling frustrated. Available in one-size-fits-all, these no-tie laces are ideal for everyone, from children to athletes to seniors, to clumsy folks like me who just outright keep tripping over their untied laces.


12. This Massaging Foot Scrub For Your Shower

Body & Sole Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber & Massager, $14, Amazon

Bending down to wash your feet in the shower is not only a pain, its down right dangerous. Enter: This handy foot scrubber. It has 1,500 bristles and suctions to the base of a tub, meaning you can clean your feet while you're standing right there.


13. This No Fuss Tablet Stand You Can Use In Bed

Tablift Tablet Stand, $40, Amazon

Speaking of no-fuss, this versatile tablet stand was built to accommodate any type of tablet and is especially great for uneven surfaces like a bed or couch. It even makes it easy to lay flat and watch movies or play games from your tablet.


14. This Super-Fast Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

Iced coffee is no longer just a summer staple, lots of people have switched to the cold stuff year round. If you're tired of trudging through the heat to get to your favorite cafe and you want your iced coffee cup to floweth over at home, you should consider this simple and easy-to-use iced coffee maker. In just 60 seconds, this device chills hot coffee by up to 130 degrees. (FYI: you can also use it to chill whiskey too.)


15. This Comfy Little Book Holder You Can Cuddle With

The Book Seat, $33, Amazon

Tired of aches and pains while you're up late reading, but too in love with the story to set your book down? This practical but snuggly looking book holder features a roomy storage pocket and a loop handle, and is perfect for bookworms who want to stay comfy during marathon reading sessions.


16. This Convenient Single-Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, $13, Amazon

If you're hurrying through the day, you may not have the energy to stop and make yourself a delicious smoothie. But with a single-serve blender that's designed for travel, you can whip up any drink or tasty snack you choose. This lightweight blender is also BPA-free and has a 175-watt motor, so you can use it with confidence.


17. This Vacuum Attachment That Fits Into The Tightest Spaces

Gadjit Vacuum Cleaner Attachment, $15, Amazon

Target hard-to-reach areas and places your normal vac just can't get into and say sayonara to pesky dust bunnies with this flat vacuum cleaner attachment, which extends three feet and is built to fit under especially heavy furniture and underneath appliances.


18. This Bedside Caddy That Keeps The Essentials In Reach

Richards Housewares Bedside Caddy, $15 (set of 2), Amazon

If you're always losing track of your charger or fumbling around to find your reading glasses, you'll love the comfort and functionality of this bedside caddy, which can fit between a mattress and box spring and offers tons of storage space.


19. This Bizarre But Cool Toilet Night-Light (Because Sure, Why Not?)

GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight, $9, Amazon

Stubbing your toe after stumbling around in the dark on your way to bathroom isn't a good scene, especially when you're half-asleep. But picking up this motion-activated toilet night-light means you'll have a safe guide the whole way there. With seven different LED lights and designed to fit any toilet size, this quirky thing is like setting off a party in your bathroom.


20. This Two-In-One Stainless Steel Blade

Clever Cutter Pro 2-in-1 Food Chopper, $20, Amazon

Save time in the kitchen and get your slicing and dicing done right the first time with this German stainless steel blade, which functions as both a food chopper and carving board. Whether you're chopping vegetables or setting up a cheese plate, this ultra-sharp blade is a great resource for all your prep and cooking needs.


21. This Eyebrow Razor That Makes It Easy To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, $6 (6-pack), Amazon

Whether it's stubborn peach fuzz or you're just looking to shape your brows, this shaping razor is a gentle, multi-functional alternative to tweezers. Fine hair comes off easily thanks to these sharp but durable blades, helping users to achieve the looks they crave most.


22. This No-Hassle Toothpaste Dispenser

Waycom Toothpaste Dispenser Toothpaste Squeezer Kit, $9-$11, Amazon

Every time I grab a tube of toothpaste, I swear I can still hear my mother reminding me to squeeze from the bottom or else I'll be letting it all go to waste. Unfortunately, I didn't listen as a kid and I still don't listen now, but with an automatic toothpaste dispenser like this, it's no big deal. With one-touch activation, this dispenser will give you the right amount of paste for each brush, and comes with a brush holder that makes them easy to store and keep clean.


23. This Stress-Free Clothes Organizer

EZSTAX Clothing Organization System, $21-$95 (18-100 Pack), Amazon

Fed up with shuffling through your drawers trying to find your favorite band t-shirt before a concert, only to come up empty-handed? You're gonna love this innovative clothes divider system, which makes it easy to organize items and pull them out from anywhere in a stack, all without causing a big old mess.

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