These Unicorn Makeup Tutorials Will Make Your Halloween Glittery AF

Trending heavier than ever are iridescent beauty products and the holographic makeup looks they inspire. Although sparkle and pastels are acceptable any time of year, it's super fitting to break out unicorn-esque cosmetics when Halloween is near. Showcasing how to put glitter and rainbows to good use, unicorn makeup tutorials are your guide to transforming into a whimsical pony on October 31.

Rather than stress over your attire, let your makeup be the center of attention this Halloween. A look that doesn't require an ensemble, a unicorn makeover is perfect for beauty lovers hoping to show off their makeup skills or partygoers desperate for a last-minute costume. The look can get as simple or complex as you'd like, whether you stick to rainbow shadow or go all out by constructing a SFX unicorn face. There's really no going wrong whenever adorable, mythical ponies are involved. Feel free to even up the spook factor with zombified horse makeup; After all, Halloween is a celebration of all things creepy.

If you want a Halloween makeover worthy of gracing the front of a Lisa Frank trapper keeper, stock up on beauty products with unicorn vibes and tune into these 23 magical tutorials.


Ultra Glam Uni

Glitter brows, a rainbow contour and layers of highlighter make for the glammest unicorn to ever walk the earth.


Soft Glam Pony

Much more subtle, but nothing short of stunning, is pink uni makeup that keeps the sparkle to a minimum.


Pastel Rainbow Unicorn

Make your eyes the focus with an ombré of pastels on your lids. Multicolored stars or hearts in the inner corners take the look to the next level.


Halo Unicorn Eye

Oh so captivating, halo eye makeup is perfect for a unicorn-inspired look. Add a colored wing for flair, and you're good to go!


Ice Cream Unicorn

This ultra-creative look puts a yummy twist on uni-inspired makeup. A dripping ice cream cone stands in for a unicorn horn quite nicely.


Pastel Liner

Take soft-hued makeup a step further by painting on a pastel wing. Adding wispy lashes makes the look all the more fairylike.


Unicorn Wing

A unicorn horn cat eye is so out of the ordinary. Complete with glitter tears, you'll surely look like a walking fantasy.


Coachella-Inspired Pony

Festival-inspired uni makeup is guaranteed to be trendy AF.


Rainbow Unicorn

Instead of a typical contouring job, opt for a rainbow ombré to carve out your features. Your beauty beat can't get any more whimsical than that.


Pastel Unicorn

Stick to pastels for dreamy unicorn makeup. We're talking pale brows, lips, and even pastel hair!


Wearable Unicorn

A beauty look that's totally suitable for every day makeup focuses on the eyes. Although the brows, lips, and face makeup remain traditional, a sparkly, lavender gaze is still unicorn-approved.


Holographic Unicorn

Iridescent hues make for an intergalactic-looking uni that dazzles.


Dark Horse

It doesn't have to be all rainbows and sunshine. There's nothing wrong with putting a sinister twist on your makeup to create a grungy pony— black unicorn horn and all!


Embellished Unicorn

If the glitz and glam is your cup of tea, add iridescent embellishments to your facade for a blinged out pony.


Unicorn Zipper Face

Equally daring and captivating is zipper SFX unicorn makeup. With a look as unique as this, it's unlikely that you'll encounter any other unzipped ponies during your Halloween festivities.


Gilded Unicorn

Warning: this ultra-glitzy makeover may cause temporary blindness for onlookers; Not that it's a bad thing, in this case.


Glow-In-The-Dark Pony

Glow-in-the-dark paints and horns are your best friend if you plan to attend a party in the dark this Halloween.


Lowlights Uni

This holographic unicorn makeup that overdoses on highlighter will surely make you glow when the lights are turned down low.


FX Unicorn

Why stop at painting your face? Put your DIY savvy to good use by crafting a unicorn face mold, the ultimate way to transform into a pony.


Evil Horse

Get your fix for fantasy and all things spooky when you transform into this unicorn gone bad.


Zombie Unicorn

In the true spirit of Halloween, a zombified SFX pony is the way to go!


Ghostly Unicorn

Ghoulish, yet so stunning at the same time, this pale and pastel pony makeup will make you stand out in a crowd.


Glitter Horse

There's no better excuse for covering your facade in glitter than by making yourself over into a sparkly pony.


One thing is for sure: unicorn makeup will guarantee that all eyes are on you this Halloween. So, slay on enchanted beauties!