26 Gift Ideas For Your Boss That Are Both Practical & Thoughtful

by Emily Kelley
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Shopping for your boss during the holidays can be a bit tricky. Of course, everyone’s relationship with their higher ups is different — from BFFs to terrifying supervisor — so it's good to have a wide range of gift ideas for your boss to choose from. Just make sure you’re comfortable with them opening it at the holiday party.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of really great bosses over the years. Bosses who have been mentors, friends, and inspirations, and I always want to show my appreciation around the holidays. But again, your gift should reflect your specific relationship with your supervisor. If you’re close, you probably know exactly what they would like, and what they’re into. But if they’re just the person who signs your checks who you occasionally see in the break room, you might want to just get them something easy and generic. Nothing is more awkward than getting your boss a cool, customized booze bottle or a round of golf at the local range, and later realizing they don’t even like those things.

When it comes to your boss, try and keep things simple — you have plenty of other people to buy for! And really, since not everyone buys individual gifts for their boss, I’m sure yours will just appreciate that you were thinking of them.

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1. Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

Taking work home isn't so bad when confetti is involved.

2. Tea Sampler

Upgrade your boss' desk drawer tea collection with this chest packed with bestsellers. It comes with Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Cream of Earl Grey, David’s Chai, Forever Nuts, Just Peachy, Peppermint Amour, and Silk Dragon Jasmine.

3. Desk Sign

This sign is pretty sassy, and if your boss is a Beyoncé fan, even better.

4. Queen Bee Print

Your boss might be rocking your office environment, but they — and everyone one else — could always use a trendy reminder of their queen bee status.

5. Optimist/Pessimist Glasses

I don't think the half-empty-versus-half-full personality test is better demonstrated than with these glasses. Even on a hard day, your boss can still be an optimist.

6. Starbucks Christmas Blend

If you're not comfortable giving your boss booze for the holidays, you could always get them coffee. If you know their favorite brand or blend — perfect! And if not, grab them a pack of Starbucks' Christmas blends for a fully festive gift.

7. Desk Storage

This felt organizer can be used for desk storage or at your boss' home to make sure they never have to worry about where their phone or keys are.

8. Planner

A good planner is hard to come by, but this one really has it all. It's trendy, it's organized, and it's a great size to slip into a laptop bag or purse.

9. Zen Garden

Work can be stressful for everyone — but even more so if you're in charge. Get your boss something to help get their chill back.

10. "Thank You" Cards

"Thank You" cards can go a long way — especially in business — so make sure your boss has a set of chic ones.

11. Feminist Art Print

Let's hope the holiday season makes us appreciate our good fortune in having good bosses who empower us. Plus, your boss' office will look chic as hell with this print in it.

12. World's Best Boss Coffee Mug

If your boss watches reruns of The Office every night, it doesn't get much better than Michael Scott's mug of choice.

13. Monogrammed Flask

If your boss likes to have a drink after work, it doesn't get much better than this personalized glass flask.

14. Business Card Case

Any professional knows that having a chic business card holder is almost as important as having a good-looking business card. This card holder is leather and stainless steel, and holds up to 25 business cards (and a credit card, too).

15. Paper Clip Earrings

When did standard office supplies get to be so darn cute? These little paper clip studs are made from sterling silver, and bring a whole new level to your boss' business wardrobe.

16. Wall Print

If your boss' motto is "work hard, play hard," then this print is for them. The black and white colors and brushstroke font make it a fit for everyone.

17. Zodiac Beaded Keychain

For the boss that can never find their keys when Mercury retrograde rolls around.

18. Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad

I'm sure your boss has a ton of brilliant ideas just waiting to pour out — and you can help them with this cool notepad. Not only can they jot down their ideas, but the launch pad also helps them refine the ideas and put them on a path to achieving them.

19. Hydro Flask

Perfect for the boss who gets so busy that their hot coffee turns cold or cold brew gets lukewarm, this bottle keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

20. A Set Of Notepads

Give your boss an easy, colorful, and chic way to write quick notes.

21. Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is a dream for the boss who likes to plan for the future.

22. A Heated Blanket

For the boss who wears their winter jacket around the office come October, this heated blanket will make colder months at work warm and cozy.

23. Boss Lady Mug

Simple and chic, coffee in this boss lady mug makes the coffee from the office kitchen taste so much better.

24. Rosé Gummy Bear Gift Box

For the boss who has a sweet tooth and likes to "rosé all day" in the summer, these gummy bears infused with Whispering Angel Rosé are a match made in heaven.

25. Mini Portable Fan

Give the gift of a nice breeze to the boss who runs hot. This mini fan is rechargeable, portable, and can run up to 13 hours with a full charge.

26. Zodiac Sign Notebook

It's all written in the stars with this astrology-themed notebook, perfect for a zodiac-obsessed boss.

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