39 Delicious Vegan Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

Minimalist Baker

As someone who's not personally big on football (I'm sorry, I'm sorry), the best part of The Super Bowl to me is obviously the company, the commercials, and the food. But if you're hosting a Super Bowl party this year and are either vegan yourself or hosting vegan guests, you might be wondering what to put out besides chips and salsa. Fret not — there are tons of delicious vegan Super Bowl recipe ideas to choose from, from appetizers, to mains, to booze and desserts.

In compiling this list, I tried to include lots of traditional Super Bowl staples, made vegan — queso dip, wings, nachos, pizza — as well as some more unique recipe ideas for your Super Bowl party. Also featured are several recipes where you have a chance to showcase your team's colors — an easy way to Super Bowl-ize many recipes.

Whether you're partial to all the fried and cheesy dishes demanded of the day, or you just want to make sure to bring a dish or two to a party you can snack on for hours without feeling like junk after, I've got you covered. Here are 39 Vegan Super Bowl recipes for 2017 that should score a touchdown with everyone in the group.

Baked Mango Sriracha Cauliflower "Wings"

Vegan Richa

If vegans hear "but it's not Thanksgiving without a turkey!" then we're probably also used to hearing "but it's not a Super Bowl without wings!" Well, turns out most of what makes wings good is the sauce. These cauliflower wings by Vegan Richa are absolutely delicious — and way healthier, so you can eat a ton of them without feeling like crap.

Cheesy Queso Dip


I always thought queso dip was a little funky, but I definitely understand the appeal. This recipe from Daiya ensures the cheese-lovers in your group won't have to go without.

7-Layer Dip

Minimalist Baker

This vegan 7-layer dip by Minimalist Baker will make any of your vegan guests super happy, since we usually have to skip this classic party staple. Pair it with chips and veggies to dip.

Popcorn Muddy Buddies

Earth Balance

This Earth Balance recipe is simple and yummy as a sweeter party snack.

Raspberry Chipotle Bean Dip

Minimalist Baker

Bean dip is always great for a party, but this dip by Minimalist Baker stands out for its creative flavors — you might just want to eat it on its own, even.

Masala Spiced Popcorn Balls

Earth Balance

I love popcorn, and these masala spiced popcorn balls by Earth Balance take things next-level with a surprising flavor combination. Perfect TV snacking.

Vegan Cheez-Its

Minimalist Baker

Another snack that will make you a hero to your vegan guests, these Minimalist Baker vegan cheez-its are actually easier to make than you'd think. You'll feel pretty impressed with yourself when you put out crackers you made yourself.

Loaded Vegan Nachos


I love nachos, but I usually think the ratio is all wrong — too many chips, not enough toppings. This Veganosity recipe gets it right, loading chips not only with vegan cheese, but plenty of beans, salsa, and grilled veggies, too.

Smoked Spicy Cheddar Cheese

My Darling Vegan

How pretty is this? This spicy smoked cheese by My Darling Vegan should fool your non-vegan guests quite nicely.

Sriracha Roasted Chickpeas

Fo Reals Life

A healthier snacking option, these roasted chickpeas by Fo Reals Life are spicy, simple, and cheap to make.

Gluten-Free Onion Rings

Minimalist Baker

These gluten-free onion rings by Minimalist Baker totally celebrate the magic that is frying things in oil and eating them during the Super Bowl.

Deep-Fried Mushrooms

What Jew Wanna Eat

If you want some more fried food, these deep-fried mushrooms by What Jew Wanna Eat look delicious. Hey, you're eating your vegetables.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Pinwheels

Minimalist Baker

In terms of finger food, it doesn't get much prettier or tastier than these pinwheels by Minimalist Baker. If you really want to get fancy, you could even try incorporating veggies with your team's colors.

Summer Rolls


I love summer rolls, but they always seemed like too much work until I got an Inspiralizer (one of those machines that spiyralizes veggies). This recipe by Inspiralized is easy to make once you get the rice paper and a spiralizer — and make for a super-easy finger food. Again, why not work in vegggies with your team's colors?

Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Another Super Bowl staple, this spinach & artichoke dip by Daiya will please the traditionalists among you.

Simple Potato Salad

Minimalist Baker

It doesn't get much more American than this potato salad by Minimalist Baker — great and easy to make as a side.

BBQ "Pulled Pork" Pizza With Mango Salsa

My Darling Vegan

This "pulled pork" BBQ vegan pizza by My Darling Vegan will show any guests who are mortified you didn't order a pizza for the big game.

Next-Level Vegan Enchiladas

Oh She Glows

Enchiladas are another classic party staple, and this Oh She Glows recipe does vegans proud. It will feed the whole crew.

Buffalo Cauliflower Steak Sandwiches


If you know you have guests who will want something super-filling and burger-like, this Inspiralized recipe should definitely do the trick.

Lasagna With Basil Cashew Cheez

Oh She Glows

This Oh She Glows recipe uses cashew cheese (which is deliciously rich) to make one mean lasagna to feed the crew.

Spicy Mac & Yeez

Vegan Richa

If you're more partial to mac n' cheese, this recipe by Vegan Richa is spicy, rich, and unique.

Jackfruit Philly Cheesesteaks


Another one for the traditionalists, jackfruit can be made oddly resemblant to meat. This recipe by Daiya teaches you how to do it.

Chickpea Sunflower "Un-Tuna" Salad

Minimalist Baker

I make this "un-tuna" salad by Minimalist Baker at least once a week — it is so, so good. Follow her recipe but know you can also add veggies of your own to the mix — carrots, peppers, whatever. It tastes just like tuna, only minus the sadness and mercury.

Spiralized Paella


Another big, relatively cheap dish you can make for lots of people, this vegan paella by Inspiralized looks fancier than it is to make.

Broccoli Rabe Peanut Soba Noodles

Cookie and Kate

I love a cold peanut soba noodle salad, and this Cookie and Kate recipe is a solid one for a party.

Pesto Pasta Salad

Minimalist Baker

If you're more of a pesto person, this Minimalist Baker recipe is easy, quick, and will definitely please the crowd.

Chocolate Jello Shots

You didn't think I'd leave out booze and dessert, did you? I just saved the best for last! Jello shots usually aren't vegan (there's gelatin in traditional Jello), but these chocolate jello shots by Chocolate Covered Katie solve that problem quite deliciously.

Dark Chocolate Macaroons

Minimalist Baker

You might not think of macaroons as a Super Bowl snack, but they are actually super-easy to make, don't require plates, and always please the crowd. These macaroons by Minimalist Baker are dipped in chocolate for extra-special presentation, but if you're short on time, they'll be good without it too.

Superfood Sweet Potato Dessert Fries

Minimalist Baker

These dessert fries by Minimalist Baker use pomegranate, chocolate, and coconut whipped cream. Party!

Watermelon Lime Margaritas

Minimalist Baker

This just screams "celebratory drink." Even if it is a bit summery, this Minimalist Baker cocktail will make your guests feel pampered.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

The Pretty Bee

Cookie dough has to be one of the other best buzzed snacks, and this recipe by The Pretty Bee is perfect to put out as a bite-sized dessert. Because they're vegan, you don't have to worry about salmonella!

Gluten-Free One-Bowl Fluffy Cookies

Minimalist Baker

These Minimalist Baker lookers remind me of those delicious supermarket icing cookies that taste half-baked. They look absolutely beautiful and chewy, but are deceptively simple to make, in just one bowl. Buy icing in your team's colors and go to town.

Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Heart of A Baker

If the above recipe looks too risky but you like the idea of repping your team, use this Heart Of A Baker recipe and just buy the right color of sprinkles.

Mango Mojito

Vegan Richa

This mango mojito by Vegan Richa is delicious and refreshing (use a different-colored juice if your team is green and another color).

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries


A dessert that's sneaky in how healthy and easy it is, this recipe by Daiya will insure you don't need plates for dessert.

Boozy Rum Horchata

Minimalist Baker

Horchata can easily be made vegan, and this Minimalist Baker recipe is a great wintery drink to add to the mix.

Candied Almonds

Oh She Glows

Another party staple, these candied almond by Oh She Glows are perfect and simple for healthier buzzed snacking — as a dessert or appetizer.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Tiramisu

Connoisseurus Veg

This one is a little more ambitious, but it's my favorite new recipe, so I had to include it. This Connoisseurus Veg dessert is actually really pretty easy to make, especially if you buy the vegan gingersnaps instead of making them. Your guests will be impressed.

Winter Bourbon Smash

Minimalist Baker

Bourbon is a great winter drink, and this Minimalist Baker recipe makes it all the more festive by adding jam and oranges. It will warm your heart just as well as that inevitable tear-jerker of a Super Bowl commercial.