4 Meditations To Practice During Lion's Gate Portal To Help You Manifest Your Dreams

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If you've been feeling particularly buzzy lately and searching for an astrological explanation, then get acquainted with the mystical phenomenon known as the lion's gate portal. It's a celestial occurrence that falls between Jul. 26 and Aug. 12 — smack in the middle of Leo season, hence "lion's gate" — but the so-called "peak" of this portal opening falls on Aug. 8. (The date 8/8 has some significant numerological implications, as well.) So if you're looking to make the most of the high vibrational energy on this day, consider one of these lion's gate portal 2019 mediations to access all the power you're manifesting right now.

In astrology, the lion's gate portal is mostly about the earth's alignment with the star Sirius, which is part of the Cancer constellation and also the second brightest star in our sky after the sun. Sirius is considered the "spiritual sun" in astrology, ruling our spiritual selves. "It emits an energy that is hugely activating for us and, on Aug. 8, it aligns with Orion's belt," astrologer and tarot reader Caitlin McGarry tells Bustle.

According to Forever Conscious, the ancients believed Sirius "was the gateway to heaven and the home of higher vibrational beings." When it rose prominently in the night sky, we humble earthlings could tap into that vibrational boost. Practically speaking, this means you could be experiencing anything from a heightened sense of intuition to a particularly wise or insightful day to an especially open heart or mind. So if you're looking for ways to harness those energies, check out these forms of mediation.

Visualization Using Crystals


"If you can get your hands on a Lemurian crystal, this is the most potent tool to use," McGarry advises. "Many Lemurian crystals are said to be originated from Sirius."

Her guided meditation ritual is as follows:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with a Lemurian crystal, labrodorite, citrine, or rose quartz in hand.
  2. Take a few slow and deep breaths to center your attention and calm yourself.
  3. As you continue to peacefully breathe, start to visualize yourself in the surroundings you desire. What do you want to call into your vortex? Where do you want to see yourself? What does it look like, smell like, feel like? See yourself there and know that you will manifest yourself into this space.
  4. Do this for 10-15 minutes.

McGarry even encourages incorporating this exercise into your weekly routine.

Guided Mediation

If you need more hands-on guidance, try this video meditation from Intuitive Manifesting Strategist and Goddess Coach Trish McKinnley. Aside from having the most enviable job title on the planet, McKinnley helps her clients use their individual intuition and spiritual gifts to manifest their desires. This particular video is useful if you're looking to shore up your confidence in your own decision making skills.

Perform A Lion's Gate Ritual

Forever Conscious offers a detailed Lion's Gate Ritual which involves smudging your space, using crystals of your choice to "supercharge" your third eye and heart chakra (both activated during the lion's gate portal opening), a period of meditation, and then journaling any subconscious processing that may have occurred during the ritual, so that you can reflect on your revelations later. The ritual comes with a useful series of journaling prompts, such as:

  • "I forgive myself for…"
  • "I am getting better at…"
  • "I can love myself more by…"
  • "I believe in myself because…"
  • "I am my most intuitive when…"
  • "I feel the most aligned when…"

Tap Into Your Creativity

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If a formal ritual or guided meditation feels too high-woo for your casual relationship with the cosmos, then simply engaging in any personal, solo, quiet creative practice is a great way to harness your energy during this time. The lion's gate portal opening is an intensely creative time, so drawing, collaging, vision-boarding, or free-writing can all be helpful ways to connect with its energy. Sirius has strong associations with advanced technology, so even something like spending some time on your internet passion project could tap into this creative reflection.

The most important part of any meditation is getting out of your head (and out of your own way) in order to better access your innermost thoughts and feelings. Anything that helps you get to that place would be a worthwhile way to spend this day.