These Silk Hair Accessories Protect Your Hair While You Snooze For Sleek AF Locks

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Wearing silk hair accessories while you sleep can benefit your locks in a number of ways. From silk pillowcases to silk hair wraps and scrunchies, there are plenty of ways to get your silk fix, but it's true that you may need to invest a little more than you would usually spend on a hair accessory. Keep reading to find out why silk accessories are good for your hair, as well as which ones to invest your hard earned £££ in.

Silk is a unique fabric that works well with hair for many reasons. Silk is well known in beauty to cause less friction with hair unlike materials like cotton, resulting in less damage and split ends. Accessories like silk wraps can also help to maintain certain styles like blow dries overnight, and keep the hair glossy and thick.

Fiona Stewart, founder of Slip, created her company after, dealing with hair thinning, she was recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase by her doctor. Her silk pillowcases are now sold worldwide and beloved by celebrities like hair stylist Jen Atkin and dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross for their smoothing properties for skin and hair. The website guarantees "shine, thickness, softness and durability," and having tried some of their products (they range from pillowcases to eye masks to hair accessories), I can attest to this.

So if you want to keep hair feeling as smooth and styled in the morning as it was before bed, try out any of these quality silk hair accessories from Slip and other brands:


A silk headband


A super flattering soft silk headband that keeps hair off the face at night, this can also be worn during the day as a super luxe hair accessory. It comes in loads of different colours and prints, and two designs. This knotted white and black one is my top pick.

Slip Black & White Leopard Knot Headband, £69, Slip


A silk pillowcase

John Lewis

Could there be anything more luxurious and indulgent than sleeping on a beautiful silk pillowcase? There are lots out there to choose from but this one from John Lewis is fairly affordable and comes in a bunch of lovely colours, from Mint to my favourite pictured here: Tea Rose.

John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase, Tea Rose, £40, John Lewis


A silk scrunchie


If you prefer not to have hair around your face while you sleep, what could be easier than tying it up with one of these cute midi scrunchies? Bigger than a hair band but smaller than a big scrunchie, these are the perfect size and come in an assortment of colours and designs.

Slip Midi Scrunchies - Mixed, £45, Slip


A silk hair wrap

Cult Beauty

The perfect investment for hair, this works in a number of ways, from protecting glossy hair that's been styled to ensuring no breakage or other damage happens as you sleep. I'm obsessed with this bright, vibrant colour scheme too.

Silke London The SILKE Hair Wrap - The Dita, £50, Cult Beauty


A silk hair scarf


The great thing about buying into silk this way? It's super versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. If you get bored of wearing it on your head like in this picture, wrap it around your neck or wrist for a fashiony edge.

Ava Foil Floral Silk Square Scarf, £25, Accessorize