Microneedling Just Got Way Less Intimidating With BeautyBio's Chic As Heck At Home Tool

The worlds of technology and beauty have well and truly met, fallen in love and produced the very best tools and devices that there ever have been. From clever mirrors that imitate natural light to mini tools that can detect the pH or hydration levels of your skin, there's seemingly nothing you can't do at home. These high tech beauty tool are about to change the way you look after your skin in the best way.

Perhaps the most impressive thing I read lately relating to the subject is about a device coming from La Roche Posay in 2019. The brand recently unveiled its latest prototype of the "My Skin Track pH" in Las Vegas; a device which can detect the skin's pH and hence recommend the correct course of action for skincare routines and treatment. The tracker is set to hit the U.S. shortly, and the UK afterwards as a direct to consumer product.

It's really amazing what beauty technology can do nowadays, and how much of it you can do from home. So with this in mind, check out the five most impressive high tech tools of the moment, for the best skin of your life in 2019 and beyond.

A Savvy Device To Measure Hydration Levels

The MiLi Pure is super clever. This tiny device detects how hydrated your skin is, revealing whether it's dehydrated, normal or hydrated. All you need to do is press the metal prongs to your skin (either your neck, hands, and face) and use the corresponding app to discover your hydration levels. If you do find that your complexion is a little dehydrated, you can adapt your skincare routine to include more hyaluronic acid and rich creams.

An At-Home Microneedler

If you've been considering booking in for a session of microneedling, why not invest in this at-home tool for continuous use? I have one of my own and can attest to its brilliance. While running tiny needles over your face sounds like something out of a horror film, the process doesn't actually hurt and helps skin to rejuvenate itself and for following hydrating skincare to be absorbed deeper into the epidermis.

The Most Boujee Mirror You've Ever Seen

Yep, I'm including a mirror in my round up. But this isn't just any mirror... While it won't talk to you and tell you you're the fairest of them all, it'll help you feel like you are with its gadgety features. First of all, it lights up as you approach. Smart? Sure. But it's the "tru-lux" light system, that simulates natural sunlight, which is a real game changer. Getting ready in the winter but the sun's not even up yet? This will help you get perfect makeup. Oh, and it has 5x magnification, handy for if you wear glasses.

A Versatile Facial Massager

There are plenty of facial massaging tools out there, but this one is really quite special. With two settings (normal or heated) that use hi-frequency sonic technology, this tool enhances glow and works to improve the skin's firmness. It's also uniquely shaped like a triangle, in order for you to reach hard-to-get-to areas like the chin and brows.

La Roche Posay

As mentioned above, La Roche Posay's latest launch is a clever techy device that detects pH levels of the skin to help design routines that can help skin conditions like eczema and dryness. It follows in the footsteps of the My UV Patch, which detects whether skin is too UV exposed so you can lather on the SPF when needed. The new tracker won't be out until later in 2019, but I'm praying it won't be much longer as this sounds amazing.