These Setting Sprays Will Keep Your Makeup In Place From Midnight To Morning On NYE

Cristian Negroni / 500px / Getty

Other than primer, the holy grail of your makeup routine should most definitely be setting spray. Whether you are going for a subtle day look with just a touch of eyeshadow or a bolder night-time style, setting spray is essential in keeping everything where it should be. And no night of the year is this more needed than on New Year's Eve, when many of us choose to stay out dancing and drink until the early hours of the morning. So, with that in mind, here are the best setting sprays to use for New Year's Eve 2019.

New Years is of course one of the biggest events of the social calendar, which for some of us means levelling up our makeup game. If you've spent a long time perfecting your liquid eyeliner, applying glitter eyeshadow or even the most flawless base, the last thing you'll want is for all of that to shade or smudge before 2020 has even arrived.

One thing that is a top tier requirement for setting spray is to have a nozzle that means the liquid sprays finely. What sets some setting sprays apart is their micro-mist technology, allowing them to finely spray your face as opposed to drown it.

Below are some of the most hard-working sprays in the biz.