5 Positions That Give You More Energy

Caroline Wurtzel

When it comes to the best sex positions, normally people are looking for ways to get some real quality time between them and your partner, normally at the end of the day right before it's time for bed. But sex doesn't always need to drain the energy out of you so you can crash into the pillow— in fact, it can give you a little energy boost. Afternoon delight is a great way to put a little bounce in your step. But to be honest any time of day can be perfect to give you a little dose of energy— if you're sticking with the right positions.

So what are the kind of sex positions that are going to give you more energy? Well, it's mostly positions that are going to make you feel super empowered and are perfect for a quickie. That means it can be like a little boost in the middle of your day— or first thing in the morning— rather than a long, lingering sex session that is just going to make you want to (literally) hit the hay after. No matter what kind of sex you like to have— romantic, kinky, fast, slow— there's an energy-boosting position that will work for you. These are the positions you should try if you're looking for a little boost.


Reverse Cowgirl

Caroline Wurtzel

How To Do It: Straddle your partner facing their feet and slowly lower yourself down. You can lean forward or back but be careful— make sure they're comfortable too!

Why It's An Energy-Boost: Ummm... because you're going to feel like an effing rock star. Use your hand for clit play and feel like you're channeling your inner goddess. After, you'll be ready to take on the world.


Doggy Style

Caroline Wurtzel

How To Do It: On your hand and knees, spread your legs so your partner can kneel in between your legs. Play with different heights and drop onto your elbows if that's more comfortable. Don't forget you can use a spare hand for your nipples or clit, there are a lot of options!

Why It's An Energy-Boost: It's an animalistic position that feels like really going for it, so it's sure to give you a buzz.


In A Chair

Caroline Wurtzel

How To Do It: While your partner sits in a chair, straddle them and lower yourself down. For a more intimate experience face toward them, but you can also face away and lean back— which is just as sexy.

Why It's An Energy-Boost: You don't even have to get into bed. Perfect for a quickie any time— and pretty much anywhere— this position takes you out of the room, so it feels like a dangerous liaison before getting on with your day.


Three-Legged Dog

Caroline Wurtzel

How To Do It: Stay near a wall or a bed in case you lose your balance, then slowly hike one leg up and over your partner's hip while you guide them inside of you. Lube will help. A lot. Like, a lot.

Why It's An Energy-Boost: Another position that you can take on the move, you'll feel a total power trip from being able to have sex standing up. It's intimate and intense— and you'll ride the high the rest of the day.


Coital Alignment Technique

Caroline Wurtzel

How To Do It: It's similar to traditional missionary position, but your hips should lower down than normal and your partner's should be higher. Wrap your legs around their hips will give more stimulation for your clitoris.

Why It's An Energy-Boost: Because this position is great for orgasm, it'll allow you to get your rocks on and move on with your day. Plus, it's intimate and has deep penetration, so you'll feel like you really connected with your partner.

There are so many ways sex can give you an energy boost, so even when you're tired you don't have to skip it. In fact, finding some time in the morning or afternoon will make the rest of your day all the better.

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