6 Love Life Problems Modern Technology Has Fixed

It is easy to forget, while trudging from one underwhelming Tinder date to another, cheeks sore from fake laughing, eyes strained from trying to make out your date’s features in yet another dimly-lit wine bar, your emaciated bank account pleading to be left alone, that technology has in fact fixed a lot of dating problems.

Sure, we’ve all read the think-pieces bemoaning the fetid swamp that is modern dating — apps are impersonal, people ghost and breadcrumb and just generally behave poorly... Reading these, it is easy to throw your hands up in despair and proclaim how much better dating *used* to be, when everything was sepia-toned and suitors were gallant and made grand, romantic gestures (they had the time and energy to do this because they weren’t bogged down by things like “equal rights”).

But before you start researching how to build a time machine, consider the limitations of old-timey dating. Your dating pool was pretty much limited to whoever was in your immediate vicinity, or someone your grandma set you up with; you had to talk to people ON THE PHONE, which is easily a top 5 stress-inducing activity; and when you made plans, you just had to cross your fingers and pray your date would actually show up.

So yes, technology has shaped modern dating, occasionally for the worse, but let’s take a moment to consider how it’s shaped it for the better.

You Can Meet A Wider Variety Of People

Technology has significantly expanded our dating options. Instead of having to rely on our friends to set us up with their "kind of weird, but cool!" coworkers, we can have a seemingly infinite number of potential romantic partners at our fingertips. There are downsides to this kind of freedom (swipe fatigue, FOMO, etc.) but there's no denying technology is a great way to meet people you might not have the chance to otherwise.

It's Easier To Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests

Is knitting your thing? Dungeons and Dragons? Hiking? Stamp collecting? Whatever your interest, the internet has made it easier than ever to connect with people who share your passion.

While experts have debated just how important it is to share common interests with your partner (the consensus seems to be that shared values are more important than shared hobbies) it can be easier to connect with someone who enjoys spending their free time the same way you do.

You Can Figure Out If Someone's A Total Creep Before Meeting Them

Look, meeting up with a stranger can be stressful, especially for women. Thanks to Google and a variety of websites offering free online background checks, you can check whether your date is *actually* single and whether or not they're one of those people who regularly post pictures of like, rashes.

While there are some compelling arguments against looking people up before a date (having preconceived notions about someone can get in the way of really getting to know them), if it makes you feel safer/more comfortable going in to a date, you now have that option.

It's Easier To Meet Up

The ease of texting is both a blessing and a curse. It makes it way easier for people to flake out at the last minute with a quick "So sorry, something came up at work! Reschedule?" But it also makes it infinitely easier to plan on where to meet, and then find each other once you're there, instead of wandering desperately around a bar like a lost, horny puppy hoping to spot your date.

(Plus it's way easier to make a booty call. Thanks, technology!)

Long-Distance Relationships Are Easier

LDRs are challenging. Being physically separated from your partner for long periods of time can put significant strain on the relationship. Fortunately, with modern technology there are approximately 347 ways to keep in touch. Whether you text throughout the day, send long emails, or shoot off a sexy snap, it's easier than ever to communicate and stay connected with your partner even when you're hundreds of miles apart.

Information About Sexual Health Is More Accessible

If you're a sexual person (and you might not be) sexual health can be an important aspect of a romantic relationship. Whether you have questions about physical sexual health, like how to prevent STD's, or questions about emotional sexual health, like how best to best communicate with your partner in the bedroom, the internet has answers to almost all of it.