7 Spot On Dupes For The Bella Freud Jumpers That Are Literally Everywhere Right Now


Owning a Bella Freud jumper is pretty high on any massive fashion fan's to-do list. The chic pieces are now more recognisable than ever, largely thanks to their bright, tongue in cheek slogans. The only problem is they aren't exactly cheap; a Bella Freud jumper can set you back anywhere from £150 well into the £300's. But if you fancy a slogan jumper, these Bella Freud jumper alternatives might just be right up your street, and they're a great deal more affordable than the OG's.

From the '1970' slogans to the 'Je t'aime Jane' pieces, Bella Freud's jumpers are easily identified these days. They've quickly reached iconic status, and fashion editors, influencers, and fans alike will nine times out of ten have one in their wardrobe. But they're certainly an investment piece, and depending on the material you opt for (you can go wool blend or you can splash out and opt for cashmere), you can be spending literally hundreds of pounds.

The good news is that (like with anything), the high street has taken it upon themselves to create some epic dupes of the original Bella Freud jumpers, meaning you can get your slogan fix without having to drop a big portion of your rent on a piece of clothing.

From the designs at Joanie to those by influencer Megan Ellaby and her brand, here are seven of the best to get your hands on today: