7 Looming Questions Fans Need Answered Before The 'Cloak & Dagger' Season 2 Finale

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Spoilers ahead for Cloak & Dagger’s “B-Sides” episode. What would happen if Ty and Tandy met under completely different circumstances? That question was explored in Tandy’s sedated mind as Andre Deschaine, who revealed himself to be both a person with powers and the true mastermind behind the trafficking ring, showed the flip side of how the Divine Pairing would have met and ignited their powers. The end of the episode concluded with Tandy’s essentially losing all her hope and handing over her power, which isn’t good considering she is being wheeled into a hotel room. There are so many questions that Cloak & Dagger still has to answer in Season 2 and not a lot of time left considering there are only 4 episodes left.

Right now, there is so much going on around New Orleans’ teenage heroes as they continue to stretch the limits of their powers and face their toughest challenges yet. And, with the introduction of new characters, appearances from old faces, and a lot of loose ends, Cloak & Dagger is poised to end this season with a bang. But, before Tandy and Ty wrap up the finale with their final stand, these lingering questions need to be addressed so fans can have some peace.


What’s Up With Mayhem?

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Tandy seems to think that Mayhem was somehow left in the dark dimension and so far that seems to be true. If she were on the streets, she would be loudly and recklessly wreaking havoc for everyone to see. Mayhem is a major comic character so it wouldn’t make sense to simply leave her behind and press forward with the story. Mayhem could be the key to helping Tyrone and Tandy take down this trafficking ring and Connors for good, so hopefully they will discover a way to bring her back.


Will Connors Go To Prison?

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The last time we saw Connors, he was at the mercy of Tyrone’s mother Adina. Tyrone believes she is the only person who can exact judgement on him, but no one knows exactly what this means at the time. Adina has been acting very strange and paranoid so the show might throw in a twist where she cannot bring him to justice for fear of retaliation. It appears that Connors truly regrets killing Billy, but he still has to prove that he really wants to pay for his crimes.

The chances of Tyrone actually killing him are pretty slim because, well, he’s a hero and not the Punisher, but this ongoing story about Connors needs to be wrapped up this season.


Are There Other Mutates In New Orleans?

This week’s episode revealed that Andre acquired powers when landed in the tainted water near Roxxon after jumping off a bridge on the same night as Tyrone and Tandy’s tragic accidents. It’s not likely that a ton of people were in the gulf at this exact same time, but there’s a slim chance that there are other people like Tyrone and Tandy. They could be possible allies like Mayhem or people who use their powers for unfathomable deeds like Andre.


Where Is Liam?

Season 2 has brought up Tandy’s old flame Liam several times in Tandy’s memories and through recaps, but so far no one has seen him. Where is Liam and is he coming back? It’s pretty obvious that Tandy still cares for him, so perhaps he will return as her love interest sometime soon.


Will Tyrone Get His Life Back?

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Tyrone is wanted for murder, unable to go to school, and has been mostly isolated from his family and girlfriend Evita. The end of Season 2 will hopefully show Tyrone’s name being cleared and him being able to regain some portions of his old life.

He was a brilliant student and gifted basketball player, so perhaps he can pick back up on his dreams much like Tandy has by returning to ballet classes. Of course, his life will never be quite normal again, but anything is better than living in fear of being arrested (or killed) by the police.


What Is Andre’s True Motive?

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Andre explained that he uses his powers to get into women’s heads and put them in a state of despair to force them into trafficking. He says his actions to make them feel pain decreases the debilitating headaches that drove him to suicide. But, what is his overall motive behind creating this ring?

He claimed he was a musician who decided to become a community leader, but that was probably a lie to win Tandy’s trust. Tandy went through a phase where she siphoned hopes from people and Tyrone has scared people with his powers, but Andre’s actions are on another disturbing level.

Andre may be yet another pawn in a bigger scheme by a villain or perhaps he was already a terrible person who got much worse after acquiring powers. Either way, it will be interesting to find out the facts behind this antagonist.


How Will Tandy & Tyrone Save The Day?

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The details behind the drug trafficking ring and Connors are still being revealed, which makes a resolution seem far away at this point. If Season 2 follows last season’s format, then the overall problems will be solved in the finale. It’s going to take a lot of work for two people (even ones with powers) to stop an intricate trafficking scheme and put a high-ranking cop behind bars and it’s pretty much impossible to guess how it will play out. So far, the TV show’s storylines have been completely different from any comic arcs and fans will be guessing until the very end.

Of course, these aren’t the only questions that exist for this series. Tandy’s hero outfit, the return of Tyrone’s cloak, and how the veve is tied to the person who died in the season opener are also on everyone’s mind.

Hopefully, Cloak & Dagger Season 2 will come to a satisfying end that leaves fans wanting more if the show comes back for another round.