7 TV Shows On Prime UK For Anyone Who 'Wolfs' Joe Goldberg A Little Too Much
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Netflix is known for genre-defining series such as Breaking Bad, Sex Education, and Making A Murderer. Among them if You, one of the biggest standouts of the past few years. The psychological thriller quickly enticed audiences in with its first and second seasons (I for one marathoned every ep of S1 on New Year's Eve), and has now begun filming a third, much to the excitement of fans around the world. If you don't have Netflix, you sadly can't watch the show. But luckily there are plenty of TV shows like You on Amazon Prime UK that will satisfy your You craving if you don't feel like forking out for yet another TV subscription.

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While You is epic, I'll admit there are a seemingly endless stream of cool crime-led dramas over on Amazon Prime also. The vast amount of choice over on that platform is just as impressive as Netflix, and they have some absolute corkers you can't even find anywhere else. Shows such as True Detective and Mr Robot, for example, have always been Amazon Prime specialities, and have just as much to offer as You.

Keep reading to discover the very best Amazon Prime UK alternatives to You. Prepare to marathon all of these...



Dexter has it all: the charismatic main man, the dark impulses, and the conflict between love and hate, good and evil. The show's lead works in forensics, helping to solve horrendous crimes committed by serial killers. But rather than revealing his findings to the detectives he works with, Dexter takes justice into his own hands by murdering the murderers he finds. Dark, twisted, thrilling, and seriously enjoyable.

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'True Detective'

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True Detective's cast is a who's who of Hollywood. You've got Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Rachel McCadams, and Mahershala Ali, to name a few. This star-powered crime thriller series follows police detectives taking on certain grizzly cases. There's plenty of grit, gore, and thrill, much like Netflix's You.

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Six seasons featuring Timothy Olyphant? I'm here for it. And that's before we've even discussed the epic storyline of Justified, which sees lead character Raylan Givens, an old-school U.S. marshal who is constantly getting in trouble for his bold methods, banished to Kentucky. There, he begins investigating some of the people he first grew up with, including his own Father. Excellent TV.

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A good old-fashioned crime drama with all of the necessary thrill, intrigue, and drama, Bosch is an excellent alternative to You. Detective Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, investigates a series of grizzly crimes, most notably the cold case which saw his own mother being murdered.

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'Mr Robot'

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Perhaps one of the most enticing things about You is lead character Joe, who, although deeply disturbed, is charming and charismatic. Mr Robot has the fascinating male lead character down in the form of Oscar winner Remi Malek, who plays Elliot Alderson, a vigilante cyber hacker. This has everything, from crime to drama, to that kind of creepy protagonist.

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'Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer'


We all know the story of real-life killer Ted Bundy, who targeted young women and became one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Bundy, like Joe in You, was charismatic and charming, and enticed women in before turning on them in a gruesome way. This true-crime series follows Bundy's life from start to finish. It features five episodes, so it's comprehensive but not too much of an investment.

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'50 Ways To Kill Your Lover'

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This series' alarming title is a sign of what's to come. Not for the faint hearted, 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover follows the stories of fictional murders that take place when couples fall out. These arguments always end in the murder of one partner, which couldn't sound more like Netflix's You if it tried. There are seven episodes, each exploring different scenarios, from a reverend who shoots his mistress to a man who wakes up with his wife dead next to him. Dark? You betcha. (NB: This series is only available subscribers of with Crime+Investigation PLAY on Amazon).

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