Reactions To The Hillary NYC Mayor Rumors


On Friday, the New York Daily News reported that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for New York City mayor in 2017. It seems outlandish, given that Clinton is a national politician who's worked primarily in the federal government and has no local governing experience, but that hasn't stopped conservative news sites from stoking the rumor relentlessly. Still, it's a fascinating idea regardless, as evidenced by the many reactions to the "Hillary for NYC mayor" rumors.

There are some good reasons why you shouldn't put too much faith in these reports. The rumor originated at Newsmax, a conservative media site that's questioned President Obama's birthplace and called climate change warnings "a scam." The idea of Clinton gunning for the NYC mayoralty after losing the presidential race plays perfectly into the conservative caricature of Clinton as a power-hungry careerist, so it's no wonder that the conservative media outlets have been running with it.

More importantly, even the report in the New York Daily News is backed up by just one anonymous source, so this is still nothing more than a rumor.

Nevertheless, the idea is intriguing. If Clinton was mayor of New York, that would put her in charge of Donald Trump's home city, which would be a grand piece of irony. Many people noted this, and had some other reactions to the idea as well.

Don't Pay Much Attention To This

MSNBC's Joan Walsh observed that this almost certainly isn't going to happen. She's probably right.

A Strong Argument Against Clinton Running For Mayor

If there's anything we don't need to relive, it's the 2016 election.

What Might Happen If She Did Run


Maybe She'd Do A Good Job

Although the idea was largely mocked for its implausibility, some Clinton supporters were supportive of it.

What's Really Going On Here

Yup. Yup, yup, yup.

It Might Be Kind Of Funny

He's got a point.

Once again, it's very unlikely that Clinton will enter the race for mayor of New York next year. But it's still fun to speculate.