It Isn't Too Late To Protest Trump's Cabinet Picks

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Senate will soon begin confirmation hearings on Donald Trump's cabinet picks. This is a problem, given that Trump has proposed a uniformly terrible slate of people to fill out his administration. If you're wondering how to protest Trump's cabinet picks, there are several ways to do so.

It's common for a cabinet pick or two to come with their share of problems. But Trump's slate of appointees is full of people who, by themselves, have enough problems to sink an entire cabinet.

For instance, there's Rex Tillerson, Trump's appointment to head the State Department. Unlike every other Secretary of State in U.S. history, Tillerson has no government or military experience, which is arguably a disqualifying factor for someone vying to be the nation's top diplomat.

We also have Trump's pick for Attorney General, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. This is a guy who opposes the Voting Rights Act and the Violence Against Women Act. And then there's the fact that he also opposed the Byrd-Sheppard Hate Crime Amendment, which is ironic since combatting hate crimes will be one of his main jobs as attorney general or the "people's lawyer."

With appointees like that, protests are in order. Here is just a handful of ways to oppose Trump's cabinet picks.

1. Call Your Senator Or Congressperson


Registering dissent with your elected representatives is one of the most time-honored methods of protest. Click here to find out who represents you in Washington, and let them know how you feel about Trump's cabinet picks.

2. Sign A Petition

There is no shortage of petitions to sign objecting to Trump's cabinet picks. Here's one from the Alabama branch of the NAACP, urging the Senate to reject Sessions' nomination to head the Justice Department. Here's one making the same argument about Tillerson. Here's a petition to oppose all of Trump's cabinet picks uniformly, and here's one demanding that Trump's appointees release their tax returns. It only takes a few minutes to sign any one of these — and there are plenty more out there.

3. Take To Social Media

It's important for Trump and his Republican enablers to understand just how widespread the opposition to his cabinet picks is. Post about it on social media, and just as importantly, stay on top of any hashtags that pop up during the confirmation hearings to help the dissent reach a critical mass.

4. Talk To Your Friends & Family

Effective protests don't merely express a personal opposition — they change the minds of others, too. One great way to do this is to talk to your loved ones, both in person and online, about exactly why Trump's cabinet picks are so problematic.

5. Attend A Protest

Online activism is a worthwhile endeavor, but actually leaving the house and protesting in person can send a much stronger message. There are many protests being planned around the country in opposition to Trump's cabinet — like this one, which is centered on climate change — and attending a demonstration is a great way to make your feelings known to the President-elect.

6. Propose Alternatives


When objecting to anything, it's always good to propose an alternative course of action. In this case, that means coming up with better cabinet picks than the ones Trump has chosen. If you're a liberal, this will be tricky: Trump obviously isn't going to appoint Bernie Sanders to head the HHS, so you'll probably have to focus on moderate conservatives who are less problematic than Trump's picks. Given how massively problematic Trump's picks are, this is a rather low bar to clear.

7. Stay Informed

Last but not least, it's important to stay appraised of exactly why each of Trump's picks are so problematic, so you can articulate your opposition as clearly as possible. It might be a good idea to focus on one or two of them during your research, so as not to feel overwhelmed.

Stopping Trump's appointments from being confirmed will be an uphill climb, but a democracy is good for nothing if not letting your voice be heard. So let your voice be heard.