8 Advent Calendars For 2019 That Are Full Of Food

by Megan Grant
Food advent calendars for 2019.
World Market

'Tis the season for advent calendars! I don't know about you, but the best kinds of advent calendars are the ones that let you multitask. Read: Celebrate the holidays, but also fill your stomach with goodies. And if you've got an appetite like me, then you're going to want one of these food advent calendars for 2019 that will keep your belly full all season long.

True, a lot of modern advent calendars already traditionally come with food — specifically, with chocolate. But these calendars have gotten a serious makeover in the U.S. over the past few years, and chocolate is just the tip of a very delicious iceberg. And honestly, think about it. A food advent calendar means that you get nearly a month of surprise snacks and treats every single day. Who cares about opening up presents on Christmas morning when you could have a surprise snack for almost a full month prior to that?

If you want to celebrate the weeks leading up to Christmas with daily surprises while also avoiding getting hangry, then these 11 delicious food advent calendars might be right up your alley. Here's a list of some you can get online in 2019.


Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

Kickstart your countdown with this vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, all-natural dark chocolate by Divine. It includes 24 chocolates in assorted shapes, and you're going to have a hard time containing yourself when it comes to eating only one a day.


Bonne Maman 2019 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Add some festive spirit to your holiday breakfast toast with these limited edition preserves. Delight in 24 flavors of fruit spreads, jams, jellies, and honey that come in adorable one-ounce mini jars. Fill up on flavors like White Nectarine and Peach and Apricot and Mango.


Reese's Advent Calendar

Nothing goes with chocolate quite like peanut butter, which is why you're going to love this advent calendar filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. With this calendar, you're going to have the sweetest Christmas countdown. Behind each door you'll find the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Don’t forget to unlock the special surprise that awaits you on the last day!


4. English Tea Shop Organic Book Style Advent Calendar

Want to enjoy the holidays like the royals? Do it with a spot of tea. Sit back, relax, and savor your December nights with these delicious organic flavors. The calendar looks like a book and comes with 25 tea bags in 13 flavors, like white tea coconut and passionfruit, and oolong raspberry spice. If you want to change up your Christmas colors, you can also get a similar advent calendar in blue.


Haribo Advent Calendar

Now here's a name everyone recognizes. Make your December days colorful and delicious with this advent calendar that brings together all-time favorites like Tropifrutti and Goldbears. Each door hides a merry mix of fruit or cola-flavored chewy animal-shaped treats, gummy bears, or sour snowmen candy. Be on the lookout for surprises from Santa’s boot, the reindeer, and the Christmas tree. My teeth won't be happy, but I will.


Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

What better way to celebrate the holidays and count down to Christmas than by setting your mouth on fire? If you love to add a little kick to every meal, then this hot sauce advent calendar is for you. Choose from 25 varieties, made from everything from mild spices to the hottest pepper in the world. Do you have the fire department on speed dial?


Viba Nougat Red House Advent Calendar

Sweeten your holidays with this beautifully designed red house advent calendar available from World Market. Inside the wintry holiday package, you'll find 24 doors with nougat confections inside. Open one up every day to Christmas and you'll surely add a little something sweet to your countdown.


Borgo De' Medici Italian Cookie Advent Calendar

Enjoy your holidays with dessert every day, thanks to this Italian cookie advent calendar. Savor the wide array of delicious and filling snacks, like cocoa and chocolate drops and limoncello cookies. With the assortment inside, this is definitely the perfect treat for your whole family, although you might not want to share it. (Can't blame you!)