Dorit Beat Kyle Richards At Beer Pong & 7 Other Ways She Won The ‘RHOBH’ Camping Trip

Dorit Kemsley is known for her constantly changing hairstyles, adventurous outfits, and her ambiguous accent. She is who she is and she has always been proud of that. Nevertheless, just like anyone else, there is a lot more to her than what the world normally sees. Dorit Kemsley's RHOBH camping looks surprised us all on the May 7 episode. She truly left the glitz and glamour behind.

We should have taken her Season 9 tagline more seriously. When Dorit declared, "In businesss and in life, I wear many hats... and hairstyles." Yes, we've seen her rotating looks for three seasons, but now are seeing different aspects of her personality, especially during the cast's outdoor adventure.

Sticking a bunch of ladies from the 90210 in the woods, even just for one night, was bound to be dangerous, in every sense of the word, but Dorit did not fret at all. Not even once. In fact, she really thrived in the camping environment. Yes, Dorit, the same woman who was upset about the prospect of drinking wine from a champagne flute was actually so chill. She even used a plastic cup.

The other Housewives could not help being impressed by her. She really came through in almost every scene. Dorit surprised us in many ways during the episode.


She Ditched The Glam Squad

Dorit always brings her glam squad on cast trips, but not this time. She told them, "Girls, I would love to take you, but this is a trip where I'm going au naturale."

One of them responded with, "What could really go wrong in twenty four hours?" Dorit couldn't help repling, "Wait a minute. Do you know my friends?"


She Packed Light

Dorit showed up with two small bags and she carried them both herself. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna was prepared for every possible scenario with her large duffle and Kyle Richards' bag was wheeled in by someone else.


She Requested Carbohydrates

During the group grocery trip, Dorit asked the group, "Who wants bagels in the morning?" Unfortunately, she got shot down by her health-conscious peers. Kyle confessed, "I can't be eating bread." Very Beverly Hills of her.


She Approved Of The Tents

Usually, Housewives complain about the accomodations on trips, no matter how luxurious they may be. Even five star hotels and top-notch villas aren't enough at times. Conversely, Dorit told Erika Jayne and Denise Richards, "This is not roughing it, girls."


She Was A Beer Pong Champ

When Dorit effortlessly made her first shot in beer pong, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave couldn't help uttering the words, "No way." When it kept happening, Kyle asked her ambiguously accented and posh friend, "Who are you?"

Ultimately, Teddi came through with the joke of the night during her on-camera interview. She remarked, "For a woman that has a lot of opinions on stemware, she sure knows her way around that plastic Solo cup." Seriously. She must have been a major hit at college parties.


She Won Beer Pong With Her Eyes Closed

Yes, beer pong is on this list twice. That is because she managed to win WITH HER EYES CLOSED. She literally shut her eyes and still managed to dominate the game. Bow down, frat stars. There's a new champ in town.


She Was The Best Rock Climber

Some of the ladies were out of their element during rock climbing, but not Dorit. During the episode, Erika admitted, "Dorit looks like Spiderman. I'm kind of shocked by how fast she's coming up this wall." So was everyone else, but she really killed it. She got to the top first and made it look so effortless.


She Taught The Girls How To Grill

Denise and Camille were struggling to make dinner. Thankfully, Dorit swooped in to take over and prevent them from burning a plastic spatula on the grill. Dorit spoke for all of us when she said, "These girls do not belong anywhere near fire."

Just when you think you know someone, they can surprise you three seasons in. Who would have thought that Dorit Kemsley would be a master of all things outdoors?