9 Products I Use When I Want To Treat Myself

As a devout follower of the Church of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, I take the "Treat Yo Self" mantra very seriously — and by seriously, I essentially mean indulging 365 days a year (my friends: "But is it really 'treating yo self' if you do it on a regular basis???"). Whether that means springing extra for coconut milk at Starbz or falling prey to an overpriced Instagram-worthy tobacco candle, I always find a way to get the job done. However, my preferred poison will always be treating myself to beauty products.

Fragrance, aromatherapy, skin care, liquid lipsticks — whatever you name, I've most likely succumbed to swiping my plastic at two in the morning in the name of "I deserve it". My (potentially concerning) shopping habits aren't done in vain though — every product serves a purpose. In my case, I'm embracing my beauty loot for the therapeutic factor. Think essential oils to calm the mind and enhance the senses. A library of Korean face sheet masks because that's obviously a no-brainer. Soothing scents that may or may not leave a tropical wake as you exit the L train during rush hour.

My beauty haven is a mix of treasures that all yield the same mission: to bring serenity and positive energy. After all, the end mission of Treat Yo Self philosophy is to create happiness — when in doubt, just think of the love affair between Ben Wyatt and his beloved Batman costume.

1. Aura Cacia Lavender Spray

Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Room & Body Mist, $6.59,

To my fellow night owls: a couple spritzes of lavender spray on your pillow is a total game changer. Trust me when I say that peaceful slumbers will await you. I'm also guilty of dousing my room in lavender spray before having guests over — it makes me feel a little more put-together/adult, alright?

2. Heritage Rosewater

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater, $10.29,

Make a mental note to drop by your Whole Foods beauty aisle ASAP because this rosewater spray is my holy grail for everything and anything. Use it as a refreshing body spray, makeup finishing spray or to make your apartment smell like a New Age European spa — the choice is all up to you.

3. Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm, $70,

Noticing a theme yet? I swear by this rose beauty balm for two purposes — as a life-changing moisturizer because you will wake up with a luminous glow and feel the burning desire to Snapchat your "I woke up like this" moment, and as a gentle cleanser when mixed with warm water.

4. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, $29,

I have my study abroad in Paris to thank for this one — if it weren't for the French pharmacies, I would have never discovered the elixir that is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil. After showering, I like to lightly spritz into my hair to nourish and moisturize — your tresses will feel (and smell) like a glorious, post-salon experience.

5. AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask, $35,

Ah, nothing like a good 'ol face mask to eradicate those impurities and clogged pores, am I right? I'm all for team AHAVA and the wondrous Purifying Mud Mask — it's easy and clean to apply, and the mud and horsetail extract is excellent for detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Use twice a week and watch the magic unfold.

6. St. Ives Even & Bright Face Scrub

St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub, $3.64,

Ever have those nights where you "accidentally" finish a bottle of chardonnay while watching The Office, and then you "accidentally" fall asleep in your makeup? Look no further: The St. Ives Even & Bright Face Scrub offers a moderate exfoliation that buffs away dead cells and leaves fresh, renewed skin.

7. Innisfree Coconut Bio Cellulose Mask

Innisfree Coconut Bio Cellulose Mask, $4.50,

OK, but no "Treat Yo Self" post is complete without some mention of a face sheet mask. Innisfree is my go-to Korean brand for sheet masks — the Coconut Bio Cellulose Mask is perfect for soothing dry skin and delivering moisture. Pair with a glass of red and your favorite Netflix comedy and you're good to go next Friday night.

8. Fictions Eau De Parfum "Sydney, She Found Quiet In His Wind"

Fictions Eau De Parfum "Sydney, She Found Quiet In His Wind", $48,

Once upon a time, I innocently walked into Anthropologie and walked out $48 poorer — and I blame everything on Fictions Beauty. Their aesthetically-pleasing perfumes not only make for quality room decor, but the scents are tantalizing and long-lasting. I opted for "Sydney, She Found Quiet In His Wind" — a fusion of exotic fruit and creamy musk.

9. Maui Fantasy Perfume by Britney Spears

Maui Fantasy By Britney Spears, $44.99,

As I've learned, many of my favorite things in life begin with the word Maui: namely, the island itself, Maui Babe Browning Lotion, and of course, the Britney Spears perfume. I'm not kidding when I say that this perfume is actually my signature scent — its dreamy cocktail of coconut and passionfruit is right up my alley. Even Britney said it herself: "Every time I smell Maui Fantasy, it brings me back to a place of happiness and relaxation." I connect with you on a spiritual level, Britney.

Here's to treating your self, beauty edition!