9 'Flinch' Challenges That Will Make You Question Your Faith In Humanity


If you ever wanted a game show like Saw, but with balloons and farm animals instead of death and dismemberment, then Netflix's Flinch is exactly what you've been waiting for. Featuring various contestants competing for, um, bragging rights (?), the challenges on Netflix's Flinch will make you question what you'd be willing to subject yourself just to be on TV, as well as what kind of person doesn't flinch in response to some of the ridiculous situations the show puts people in.

The intensity of the challenges in Flinch seem to vary, with them all falling into three major categories for the most part. Some challenges attempt to make contestants flinch by creating a loud noise, such as a train whistle or a popping balloon; other challenges involve having to watch something heavy or sharp heading towards you, only for it to miss; and the final type involves having to put food on yourself and allow an animal to eat it off of you. There are some challenges that don't fall into these categories, such as "Electric Dining," which forces players to smell truly horrible food items, but the majority of Flinch challenges are variations on those three categories, often with different punishments for flinching. Here are the most alarming, shocking, flinch-worthy challenges in the show's first season.

Loud Noise Games

  • "Dirty Waterfall" — The contestant is placed within proximity of a bird scarer. Should they flinch, they are dropped backwards so that they are facing up against a waterfall of dirty liquid.
  • "Rubber Bandits" — The contestant is strapped to massive, stretched out rubber bands. Fireworks are set off near the contestant, and if they flinch a rubber band is let loose, snapping towards them.
  • "Body Pops" — The contestant is covered in balloons and must hold their arms out while grasping metal rods. These rods are placed in metal circles that are connected to a battery. If the rods touch the circles, the contestant get electrocuted. A man with a paintball gun shoots the inflated balloons, which leads to the contestant flinching, which leads to the rods touching the circle, which leads to getting electrocuted.

Games Where Things Come At Your Head

  • "Wheely Close" — Giant wheels hanging from a ladder swing toward the contestant, who is chained to a metal fence. If they flinch, the batteries attached to the fence activate and send sparks flying.
  • "Splash" — A giant barrel on a slope is sent hurtling towards the contestant, stopping short just a few inches from their face. If they flinch, the contestant is dunked into cold water.
  • "Great Balls Of Power" — Active power tools are thrown into the face of the contestant, stopping short a few inches from danger. If they flinch, a launcher-device propels a ball at their body.

Animal Games

  • "Feeding Bed" - Contestants are asked to lay in a wheelbarrow and are covered in feed. A horse eats the feed off of their body, and if they flinch they get struck with a cattle prod.
  • "Hot Wax" - Contestants are strapped into a chair and animal feed is placed on their bare feet. Goats are let in and eat the food. If the contestant flinches, the chair is rigged to have lit candles drip hot was onto the contestant's legs.
  • "Bootiful Pork" - Contestants get on all fours over a pan of feed. A massive pig comes in and tries to get at the food beneath the contestant. If the contestant flinches, a massive boot swings into their read end.

There are only so many ways that a show can safely encourage a contestant to flinch without outright violence, but despite some repeated ideas, Flinch gets plenty of memorable flinches out of its contestants. And you'll be glad you're watching from the comfort of your own home.