9 Petitions Against An Obamacare Repeal

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Republicans have been pretty clear about one thing: they want Obamacare gone as soon as possible. The incoming Congress moved to repeal the Affordable Care Act through the budget — a move that allows the Senate to repeal without the threat of a filibuster from the Democrats. Given that the Republicans hold a majority in both houses, that would have been the opposition's only option to save the healthcare legislation. Now it's up to the people (or perhaps president-elect Donald Trump) to foil the rollback. Here are nine petitions to protest the Obamacare repeal if you want it to stay.

I say it may also be up to Trump because he seems to be rattling the GOP by straying from the neoconservative talking points. Trump said in an interview this weekend that he wants the replacement plan to include "insurance for everybody," with more people being covered under Trumpcare than the ACA. The problem is that the members of the GOP on the Hill probably don't want to offer that. If Obamacare was "socialism" — and it still left 9 percent of the country uninsured — what is Trump hoping for? The replacement plans seem all over the place, which should be even more troubling for those who want to keep their insurance.

If you like your Obamacare — or know someone who benefits from its many rules, like those under 26 or with preexisting conditions — take a look over these nine petitions.


Obama Has His Own Petition

If you're going to sign anything, consider this one. Since much of the Republican opposition has been a way to stick it to President Obama, you can both help protect the ACA and support Obama at the same time.


One Of The Biggest To Date

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This petition on is so far one of the largest. That said, it's still quite far from the goal of 1 million in support of the law.


Paul Ryan's Plan Just Won't Do

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Obviously one of the most frightening parts of the ACA repeal is the mystery plan that will follow. This petition focuses on Paul Ryan's plan, and how it just isn't good enough to keep the same number of people covered.


About That Plan For What Comes Next

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So while there is no backup plan, this petition asks Trump and the GOP leaders not to repeal.


Don't Kid Yourself That We're Just Talking Obamacare

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After successfully repealing the Affordable Care Act, what's to stop Republicans messing with the healthcare programs that have existed for decades — even Medicare. This petition attempts to preserve it too.


Make Congress Put Its Healthcare Where Its Mouth Is

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This petition is a bit ingenious in that it makes Congress subject to any Obamacare repeal effort. If senators and representatives take away American's healthcare, they lose theirs too.


At Least Keep The Good Parts

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Remember that bit about pre-existing conditions? There's a chance even that part — which is pretty popular — won't make it either. Check out the petition that focuses on keeping one of the most important parts of Obamacare.


A Really Fun & Original Way To Back Obamacare With Joe

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What could make saving Obamacare better? If somehow Joe Biden had a hand in it. He's the greatest VP, but he could be the greatest insurance salesman we've ever known. Not on an individual basis, but on behalf of the country. Ask Joe to fight for Obamacare.


Whatever They Do, Lives Are Literally At Stake

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This may be easy to forget from inside the beltway, but people depend on healthcare and their insurance to stay alive. Real people need the healthcare they got under the ACA, and without it, they might not make it. This petition tries to remind politicians of that. We're talking thousands of possible deaths if these laws are repealed without an equivalent insurance plan on offer.

So go ahead and sign these petitions if you support Obamacare, but don't stop there. Contact your senators and representative. Tell them you like the ACA and depend on its care.