9 Products That Will Make For The Ultimate Pamper Sesh Between Christmas & New Year

Young indian woman wearing a pajamas and sleep mask isolated holding a pillow.

The festive season is the time to indulge, be merry, and spread Christmas cheer, which honestly means that we can sometimes go a little overboard until eventually the thought of another Christmas party fills you with dread. But help is at hand, and using some of the extra time you have over the festive season for some R&R is key, so here are seven products to pamper yourself between Christmas and New Year.

Sometimes referred to as Twixmas, this period really can feel like an endless hangover. Finishing work for the year then getting straight into Christmas parties can leave our bodies and minds feeling super exhausted. The boozing and late nights can make our skin congested and dry, and the cold weather paired with the super toasty central heating can leave our hair parched. But there are things that we can do to ensure that we are glowing on the outside even if we aren't feeling so great on the inside. It can be easy to forget self care when you're so busy over Christmas, but just using a face mask or a hair conditioner can make you feel like you can put the world to rights. So go on, treat yourself this Twixmas.