Wearing PJs To The Pub Is Actually Totally Legit With These Stylish AF Sleep Sets

Oysho / Boohoo / ASOS

OK here is your dilemma — you want to stay at home but are also toying with the idea of leaving the warmth and comfort of your lovely home (what's wrong with you?) and nipping down the local for large rosé spritzer and a chinwag with Denise, your favourite barmaid. Yet, the chains of sartorial etiquette means you may have to disrobe from these pjs, that feel like silk sewn from angels tears against your skin. But fear not, I have found pyjamas that you could wear to the pub and bed.

Yes y'all! I am about to save you from feeling like you have to throw on some hellish, gruff jeans, a top and let's be real — a damn bra. And in a way that doesn't make Denise think "oh god, she has had a turn again." No Denise, I am fine, I am just dead cosy. Oh and people will DROP dead with jealousy when they find out that the outerwear you're rocking is actually under (blankets) wear. If it's good enough for a Kardashian, it's good enough for me.

Disclaimer: this will probably only be OK if you actually wear PJs to bed. Not one for people who sleep nude. Unless you fancy an awkward convo with a police officer.

With toasty and cosy looks like this available to buy right now, you have no excuse not to go out and socialise this winter season.