9 Skin Care Essentials To Own By 30

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As you get older, your skin starts to change. And with these changes, you need to take the proper steps to really take care of your skin the right way. In order to learn more about the best skin care products to use in one's routine, I reached out to RealSelf Contributor Dr. Sejal Shah. She told me the main thing patients between the ages of 25 and 30 should be thinking about is incorporating skin-repairing ingredients into their skin care regiment.

This made me curious to learn more about the biggest issues she sees among patients under 30. Dr. Shah told me people under 30 should start to use skin care products as not only treatment, but for preventative purposes, as well. For example, "If you already have some fine lines," said Dr. Shah, "a retinoid/retinol can improve the appearance as well as prevent new ones."

She also said that acne is by the far the most common issue she sees amongst her under-30 patients. And while most people may think they need to visit a dermatologist to fix these common issues, you can actually buy several really great non-prescription products online. All you have to do is make sure you're looking for the right ingredients, like retinols, vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and more.


Add A Sunscreen Before You Do Anything Else


Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35, $92, Amazon

"If you're not already using sunscreen, that is the first thing you need to add to your skin routine," said Dr. Shah. Make sure you start your day with a lightweight sunscreen that wont clog pores. This one is great because it provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The pore perfecting sunscreen also doubles as a primer for makeup.

Or For A More Affordable Option, Look To Elta MD

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46, $21, Amazon

You really need to start wearing sunscreen, so if you don't want to break the bank for one, you don't have to. EltaMD is a brand that is recommended by dermatologists and the lightweight formula is oil-free and perfect for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid work together to moisturize and refine pores, so you're left with a shine-free, beautiful complexion.


Prevent Premature Aging From Sun Damage With A Vitamin C Serum


Jan Marini Skin Research C-Esta Serume, $82, Amazon

Dr. Shah's favorite skin care product is a vitamin C serum, and she said that Jan Marini is one of her go-to's. It's great because almost anyone can handle them, making them a staple for under-30 skin care routines. A vitamin C serum helps your skin combat sun damage and even reverses some damage after-the-fact. This formula is filled with vitamin C and DAE Complex to give you more vibrant-looking skin.


A Powerful Lotion To Treat Adult Acne


Jan Marini Skin Research Bioglycolic Bioclear Face Lotion, $65, Amazon

Adult women often have hormonal acne, and that needs to be treated differently than adolescent or teen acne. This lotion combines glycolic, salicylic, and azelaic aid to get rid of acne and reduce the visibility of pores. Use this as a spot treatment if you find that you're having a breakout, as it will help your skin tone become smoother and more even.


Keep Skin From Getting Dry


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, $36, Amazon

I love Clinique moisturizer. It's incredibly light and does such a great job in keeping my skin soft. If you aren't into super heavy products but you get really dry skin, you should look for a product that is a mix between a gel and a cream. That way, you'll get the moisture that you need without clogging pores. This one is perfect for everyday use before you put your makeup on.


Use A BB Cream With An SPF To Eliminate A Step


MDSolarSciences Mineral Beauty Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $39, Amazon

Your skin can become blotchier over time, which is why a BB cream is a great step to add to your makeup routine. Plus, by adding this step, you're actually eliminating two steps: sunscreen and primer. This BB cream has an SPF of 50, so your skin will be protected against the sun. It also reduces redness and evens out skin tone.


Intensely Moisturize Your Skin Overnight


Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Night Moisturizer by Lancome, $75, Amazon

"The skin also tends to get drier as it ages, so replenishing moisture is key," Dr. Shah told me. That means you should really concentrate on making sure your skin is getting enough moisture overnight. Because your skin has the best chance to repair itself overnight, this is when you should use intensive products like this night moisturizer. It's not greasy or sticky, and it is made with glycerin, ceramides, and plant based oils that really work together to help you wake up with healthy-looking skin.


Use A Serum To Improve Aging Skin

Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum, $281, Dermstore

Maintain your skin with a serum that not only prevents damage, but repairs it too. This dual-serum has two different formulas inside of it. One side, the TNS Recovery Complex, works to repair damage, reduce inflammation, and improve signs of premature aging. The other side, the APS Corrective Complex, smooths fine lines and brightens discoloration.


Firm Skin With A Retinol Serum


Algenist Retinol Firming and Lifting Serum, $72, Amazon

Retinol is a really good ingredient to fight fine lines caused from too much sun exposure. In this product, retinol and alguronic acid work together to tighten skin for a firmer complexion. After regular use, this sulfate- and paraban-free serum will leave you with radiant skin.


Replenish Skin With A Product That Does More Than Just Moisturize


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, $36, Amazon

For patients under 30, Dr. Shah recommends a good SPF, vitamin C antioxidant serum, and a retinoid/retinol. She also says that over-the-counter products that have ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides can do wonders for your skin. The ingredients help hydrate, plump, and nourish skin while also minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. This water based gel is made with colloidal oatmeal and aloe leaf juice, leaving you with hydrated and soothed skin.

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