9 Weird Hair Tools You Won't Believe People Are Buying On Amazon

There’s a page dedicated specifically to the best-selling hair tools on Amazon, and most of the time, it’s filled with your everyday basics. You’ve got your 3,000 different models of wand curlers, hair straighteners in every measurement from a half inch to nine feet (exaggeration), and detangling brushes galore. Every once in a while on the trending lists, though, you come across some weird hair tool that makes you double back, tilt your head to the side, and audibly ask no one in particular, “What the hell is that supposed to be?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you let your confusion get the best of you, you might be seriously missing out. These bizarre trending hair accessories are trending for a reason, and it’s those people that also asked themselves, “Why am I so intrigued and how do I use this thing?” that are reaping the benefits right now. New and innovative hair tools are coming out all the time, and while they may look a bit intimidating, they’re designed specifically to make your hair styling routine easier, faster, and more effective. Don’t believe me? Check out a few that people are flipping out over right now.


Inject Steam Into Your Hair Shafts

CarusoMolecular Steam Hairsetter, $32, Amazon

This weird little device called the Carusomolecular steam hairsetter injects the included rollers with tiny molecules of steam, which then penetrate the hair shaft to keep hair healthy, curly, and shiny. It’s been called “the best hair tool in the world,” because even people with thin pin-straight hair are getting results that last for days. Best of all, there’s no damage to your strands.


This Thing Eats Your Hair And Spits Out A Curl

Lucky Fine Hair Curler, $50, Amazon

Hair curler designs like the Lucky Fine Hair Curler are really starting to pick up popularity because of how low-effort low-skill they are, but the idea behind them is a little bit scary. This thing clamps down by the root and sucks up the rest of the strand (almost like it’s eating it). A few seconds later when you release, though, you’ve got a gorgeously loose curl that stays put all day.


Set Your Curls While Doing Your Best ET Impression

Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $19, Amazon

The Softhood bonnet attachment isn’t a great option if your roommates already think you’re weird, but if you’ve got an hour on your own, this thing clips onto the end of most blow dryers to deliver a steady flow of hot air to your whole head. It’s great for setting rollers or curlers (especially with vintage hair styles), and reviewers love it because it’s reliable, saves tons of time, and is made from a durable material that lasts.


This Imploded Unicorn Brush That Detangles Like A Champ

SH&SH Detangling Brush, $14, Amazon

Why does this brush look like an imploded unicorn? Who knows, but the SH&SH detangling brush is apparently really effective at getting out knots and tangles on any type of hair, and it’s all because of its multicolored anti-static soft bristles. People in the comments section have used it on their kids, their friends, themselves, and even their dogs, so this bizarre pick is a definite win.


Three Jumbo Barrels Crimp In Beautiful S-Waves

Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo Barrel Waver, $24, Amazon

The Revlon Jumbo Barrel waver looks pretty overwhelming at first, what with its three jumbo barrels and multiple switches, but it’s actually really easy to use. Simply clamp down on a strand of hair in a crimping motion to create beautiful beachy waves with minimal effort, and it’s got some pretty awesome features, like a 60-second heat up, tourmaline build, and 25 heat settings.


Straighten, Dry, And Brush All At Once

Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Hair Dryer, $15, Amazon

This bizarrely shaped thing is the Andis Ceramic ionic styler hair dryer, and unlike your usual hair dryer, it’s made with separate attachments in mind, so you can straighten, dry, comb, and brush all at the same time. The elongated mouth lets you pull more hair through at once, and because it’s ceramic and ionic, it causes less damage while leaving your hair frizz-free and manageable.


This Styling Brush That Delivers Hot Air Through The Middle

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, $28, Amazon

This thing isn’t so much arbitrary as it is threatening-looking. As a kid, I perpetually got my hair knotted up in my mom’s rounded brushes, and those didn’t even heat up. The JohnFrieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, however, is apparently really easy to use, hard to get tangled, and really effective. It delivers a flow of hot air through the middle, so you can style while you dry, and the result is salon-quality — even if you don’t really know what you’re doing.


Hook Your Hair Through These Spirals For Heatless Curls

Curlformers Extra Long Spiral Curls Styling Kit, $69, Amazon

If you’re sick of heat damage, but you’re still looking for bouncy styled hair, this weird but effective Curlformers spiral curls kit has people pretty darn happy. You use the included hook to pull wet hair through the spiral tube, and then you comfortably sleep on them. When you take them out in the morning, you’ve got loads of volume and curl without any heat necessary. One reviewer says, “All I can say is BELIEVE THE HYPE!”


This Battle Droid Hair Dryer That’s Selling Out Everywhere

Panasonic Nano Care Hair Dryer, $161, Amazon

It may look alarmingly like a Star Wars B1Battle Droid, but the Panasonic Nano Care hair dryer is in ridiculously high demand right now. It uses ionizing technology and ultraviolet light to dry and tame even the most unruly hair into sleek, moisturized, styled locks. “Using this hair dryer, I find it magical that I even don't need to comb my hair after shampooing,” says one happy customer. “Also with no conditioner, my hair is no longer a mess. This is the best hair dryer I've ever used.”

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