There’s A Play About Hillary Clinton On Broadway & You Might Want To Buy Tickets Now

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Every now and then, a play will be so popular that it may end up with a standing room only situation. This scenario could potentially happen, as Page Six reported on Tuesday, with the Broadway play "Hillary and Clinton," which is currently in preview at the John Golden Theatre and is set to officially open on April 18.

According to the official Broadway website, Clinton's character will be played by actress Laurie Metcalf, while actor John Lithgow will play Bill Clinton in the play. Playwright Lucas Hnath wrote the play, which also ran in 2016 according to Jezebel. The website reported that the production is focused on Clinton's 2008 primary campaign. The play takes place in New Hampshire, according to the outlet, and viewers will also get to see other actors play the roles of former President Barack Obama and political strategist Mark Penn.

In March, Hillary and Clinton play performers sounded positively nervous about playing in front of the Clintons. "You know, you can't help but wonder, 'What are Hillary and Bill going to think of this?' They came to see me in a play and I met them backstage," Lithgow told Variety in the video shared below. "I know these people very slightly and I admire them both tremendously."

If you're curious about it, Lithgow and Metcalf told Variety that people can expect "melancholy" from the Hillary and Clinton play. In March, Lithgow candidly shared details about his role as Bill and made it a point to tell Variety, "The minute you do an impression, you become a Saturday Night Live sketch. That's not what this play is at all. It deals with things that everyone things about these days in terms of politics and in terms of these two very well-known people."

Variety reported that the play focuses primarily on the couple after Clinton won the New Hampshire primary in the 2008 presidential race. But it also gives its viewers a chance to understand the roles of Obama, who squared up against Clinton in the Democratic primary, and Penn, who was the chief strategist for Clinton's '08 campaign, per Politico. And it's not a smooth ride, apparently. Metcalf told Variety that the actors had to embody the "stress" as well as political responsibilities that came with campaigning.

"There’s a tremendous undertow of melancholy — certainly if you were a fan of Hillary Clinton’s and voted for her — that we don’t address directly, but it hangs in the air," Lithgow explained to Variety in March.

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Whether she gets a chance to stand or sit to watch the play, Clinton seems to be an avid Broadway fan. In fact, Clinton attended the Broadway musical performance of In Transit in 2017 and was met with a pleasant surprise from the audience, Elle UK reported. At the time, the publication reported that the audience chanted, "We love you, Hillary," when they spotted her in the crowd.

At another Broadway performance, The Color Purple in 2017, Clinton received a standing ovation from the people around her, The New York Times reported. If Clinton ends up attending the Hillary and Clinton play, the Broadway audience may have a chance to admire Clinton on and off stage.