This New 'Avengers: Endgame' Easter Egg Has Twitter Freaking Out 3,000

Marvel Studios

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. A week after the Avengers shattered box office records — and our hearts — their latest movie is still finding new ways to surprise us. For example, there's a new Avengers: Endgame easter egg that's got Twitter freaking out. And it has a little something to do with Morgan Stark's sweet catchphrase for her dad.

In Endgame, Tony Stark's daughter says, "I love you 3,000" when saying goodnight and yes, it's all kinds of adorable. But it turns out, that number might also have a meaningful connection to the MCU, as a user named @Dvann562 pointed out on Twitter.

While some of us were sleeping, this fan was pouring over an Excel sheet being shared online that featured the runtimes of the first 22 movies of the MCU's three phases, plus the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, in theaters July 5, which picks up after Endgame.

Add it all up, and the runtime of all 23 three of these movies comes out yep, you guessed it, 3,000 minutes. "I first saw it in like a meme style. Then I came across this Excel sheet version," this fan explained on Twitter. "So I love you 3,000 can mean you love every minute of the MCU/Infinity saga." Mind blown, right?

Now, not to be a bummer, but we here at Bustle have yet to confirm this viral spreadsheet's findings. There's no official listing of the run time for the new Spider-Man movie just yet, which means this is all speculation that the run times of every MCU film perfectly add up to 3,000. What we can say though, is this guess is based in some good logic.

This spreadsheet lists Spider-Man: Far From Home as being 129 minutes, which is just a four minutes shorter than Homecoming, which clocks in at 133. Both Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 were also just a few minutes shorter than their originals — Iron Man 2 is one minute shorter than the first movie; Thor: The Dark World is just two minutes less than Thor — so this estimate might not be too far off after all.

But this is all to say that the "I love you, 3,000" easter egg is just a fan theory. Neither Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige nor anyone else in the movie has confirmed that the line has a deeper connection to the MCU.

However, Comicbook.com reported that Anthony and Joe Russo might have burst everyone's theory bubble with their explanation of where the "I love you 3,000" line came from. According to a loose translation of Watching Hollywood's post on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, Endgame Anthony Russo said the line came courtesy of Iron Man, himself, Robert Downey, Jr.

Apparently, it's something one of his three kids used to tell him and the directors loved it so much they knew it had to be in the script. No word on which one of RDJ's kids said it, but if true, they really deserve some compensation or at the very least a nice pat on the back.

For now, fans will have to keep on wondering whether "I love you, 3,000" is a nod to the MCU or just a clever line from one of Downey's kids. Either way, let's agree that most fans have spent over 3,000 hours thinking about these movies and loved every minute of it.