A-Rod Continues To Be The Best Instagram Husband After J.Lo’s Halftime Show

Manny Hernandez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There may not be anyone in the world who loved Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl halftime performance as much as her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. While everyone was focused on her epic, career-spanning performance — which included an outfit change, a solo from her daughter Emme Muniz, and Hustlers-style pole dancing — A-Rod was in the crowd straight-up losing his mind. "AMAZING!! She ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED IT! Wow, that was so fun! I'm so proud of you, Jen!" he captioned a video of him screaming and twirling around in the audience.

For the rest of us, this is just continued proof that A-Rod is the best Instagram husband around (even though yes, he is not technically a husband yet. Just go with it). From helping Lopez get ready for the 2018 American Music Awards (and promo-ing her performance) to snapping pictures at her rehearsals, A-Rod is always there to cheer her on behind-the-scenes with pure Vacation Dad energy. And it's not just because J.Lo needs a round-the-clock photographer to document her busy life. "He loves taking pictures and documenting the moment," she told People last March.

Rodriguez — who retired from professional baseball in 2016 — attributed it all to the fact that he simply has a lot of free time. "I don't have to play 162 games anymore, so I have a lot time on my hands. I like to have fun."

If A-Rod being an Instagram husband means we get more of these delightful videos, keep 'em coming.