This Pair Of Adidas Shoes Will Have You Craving Pizza

Courtesy of Adidas

Why choose between pizza night and the gym, when you can have both? Thanks to the UltraBOOST x Refinery29 collaboration, an Adidas pizza-inspired shoe exists and it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

The story behind this unique pair of running shoes is actually pretty great. There's an entire collection of crazy new Adidas kicks — 50 pairs to be exact — that were designed by a group of 10 female artists, according to a press release. They are shoes designed for women by women — what's not to love?

Each pair of the shoes represents one of the 50 states — can you guess where the pizza pair comes from? The cheesy shoes happen to represent New Jersey, and some may argue that the footwear definitely wouldn't be as good as the slices you find in the actual state. But with a 3D pepperoni slice hanging off the side of the shoes, it still looks pretty appetizing.

The shoes themselves were designed by artist Jen Mussari, but that's not the only exciting pair to come out of this brilliant collection. Mussari also designed the Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, and North Dakota pairs, which all also have really cool 3D elements on them.

While the shoes have already sold out due to being on sale only for an online auction, 100 percent of the proceeds were donated to the Women Win organization, which strives to empower girls through sports.

Let's hope for your pie-loving heart that Adidas will bring the world more pizza shoes in the future. But maybe with a pineapple topping this time?

Courtesy of Adidas

Just look at that detailing on the piece of pizza!

Courtesy of Adidas

The Oklahoma pair is a nod to the state's Native American culture, featuring a moccasin-style shoe.

Courtesy of Adidas

And in honor of the Kentucky Derby, this pair actually has fake grass on it!

To see all of the shoes from the collection, check out Refinery 29's slideshow here. Fingers crossed for a future filled with pizza sneakers for everyone!