Adidas Is Testing New Footwear In Space

We've heard of technology and biology experiments in space, but footwear? It's really happening, sneakerheads. Adidas is going to space with the International Space Station as the first brand to test sneakers and other products in its National Lab. According to a press release, the partnership is meant to test both footwear and soccer balls in extreme microgravity conditions that you can only get in space. In addition, Adidas and ISS are working together in a multi-year partnership in hopes of testing things like flight performance, improving designs, and the activewear brand’s Boost technology. The collaboration will also focus on how to make products more sustainably.

“Working with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory and CASIS — one of the most advanced facilities in the world — will help Adidas set new standards in performance innovation,” said Vice President of Brand Strategy for Adidas James Carnes in the release. ”This partnership not only allows us to co-create improvements to sport performance but to explore processes and design that could be applicable to adidas’ dedicated efforts in sustainability as well.”

Courtesy of Adidas

By putting their products to the test in the most extreme conditions, the athletic wear brand will garner findings based on the same physical training elements made for an astronaut's conditions. As a result, the brand can apply their insights to athletes in the future. The Adidas Boost pellets were first introduced in the Adidas running line in 2013. According to the brand's site, Boost is a midsole made from thousands of expanded particles that "work together to deliver an uptick of energy return in every stride."

Courtesy of Adidas

Adidas will launch them along with their footwear on a future SpaceX cargo mission that’s set to start as early as 2020. Per scientific theory, the condition of the Boost midsoles in space could determine necessary improvements in Adidas footwear for performance and comfort.

Having brands go (literally) above and beyond to create innovative products is what keeps customers coming back. And with things like sustainability and comfort in mind, Adidas products are soon to be out of this world.