Alba & Jorge's Love Story On 'Jane The Virgin' Deserves A Happy Ending

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For good reason, Jane's love life typically dominates the plot of Jane the Virgin. But while Jane is currently unlucky in love with Rafael, Alba finally got her happy ending. Alba and Jorge's relationship on Jane the Virgin has been going on since Season 3. Unfortunately, they haven't been on the same page romantically since they broke up in Season 4. But in "Chapter 89," Jorge confesses that he loves Alba and she reciprocates the emotion. Since these characters have already been through so much and it's the final season, it sure seems that Alba and Jorge will end the show happily in love. So let's reflect on this septuagenarian romance and remember how they got here.

Alba has had a few romantic encounters on Jane the Virgin. She had an ill-fated interest in Edward, who turned out to be a priest. She reconnected with her old love, the bad-luck-bringer Pablo. And she even tried online dating after she had broken up with Jorge, which led to Alba going on a double date with Jane.

But besides her first husband Mateo, the main love of Alba's life on Jane the Virgin has been her boss Jorge. And now that he's confessed his love for her, here's everything that went down in their love story.

Alba Crushes On Jorge At The Marbella Gift Shop

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Jorge in Season 3's "Chapter 48" was the friendly employee of the Seashells gift shop at the Marbella. Alba was always visiting the hotel gift shop because she allegedly was missing Jane, who had finally moved out with her husband Michael. However, we learned that Alba also had a little crush on Jorge which explained why she was frequently buying gift shop trinkets.

Jorge Becomes Alba's Boss

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Alba decides to leave her job as a home health aide now that she has a green card and joins the Seashells team. Jorge is her boss, but her crush only intensifies. That is until she finds out he has a girlfriend. So Alba does the right thing and backs off.

Alba Gets Noticed

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Three years have passed in Jane the Virgin time when Jane learns that Jorge and his girlfriend have broken up. So Jane and Xo encourage Alba to go for it with him. And while he doesn't take notice at first, a makeover courtesy of Xo leads to Jorge asking Alba out on a date in "Chapter 58."

They Go On Their First Date

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A well-intentioned but misguided Jorge takes Alba to minigolf for their first date, which is exactly where Jane is on her very first date since Michael died. But Jorge and Alba still manage to make it romantic by sharing their first kiss in the cave behind the Eiffel Tower — even if they were rudely interrupted by a minigolf employee.

Alba Tells Jorge About Her Values

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Jorge wants to take their relationship to the next level sexually, but Alba tells him she won't have sex without marriage. A misunderstanding leads them to each believe they are broken up, but they clear the air and decide to keep dating while respecting Alba's beliefs.

They Say, "I Love You"

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Jorge is Alba's date to the blessing of Rogelio's new telenovela Los Viajes de Guillermo in "Chapter 62" and the couple confesses that they love one another.

They Dance At Xo & Rogelio's Wedding

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The pair ended Season 3 on a sweet note when they dance together at Alba's daughter's wedding. And yes, Jorge still rocked his Seashells uniform and name tag.

Jorge Proposes Twice & They Break Up

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Things are still going for strong for this couple in Season 4. But when Jorge proposes to Alba in "Chapter 71," she flees and goes on a book tour with Jane and Xo. She decides to accept his proposal during the road trip. Except that when Jorge gets down on one knee again, she surprises herself by saying no because Alba doesn't love him the way she loved her first husband Mateo.

Alba Regrets The Breakup

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Jorge quickly rebounds with his ex Sofia and when Alba sees them together, she becomes upset. As she later confesses to Jane and Xo in "Chapter 73," she realizes that she only said no because she wasn't ready to take the next step with Jorge — not because she didn't love him enough.

Alba Tries To Win Him Back

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Jorge mentions that he and Sofia are broken up in "Chapter 79." And with him being so supportive of Alba as she prepares for her citizenship test, she decides to confess her true feelings. However, he turns her down because he doesn't feel the same way for her anymore.

They Get Married ... For A Green Card

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Jorge only wants to be friends with Alba. But she does her ex a solid by offering to marry him. His mother is dying in Mexico, but since he's an undocumented immigrant, he fears he won't be able to return to the U.S. So she puts her romantic feelings aside during her party to celebrate her citizenship and gets married to Jorge.

Alba Pines For Jorge

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Although their marriage is simply to help Jorge stay in the country, Alba can't help but let her emotions get the best of her in Season 5 — especially since Jorge is now living with her and they must pretend to be happily in love to the immigration officers. Alba admits she still has feelings for him in "Chapter 87," but for her own sake, she says they must go their separate ways once he secures his green card.

Jorge Realizes He Still Loves Alba

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All of the prepping for their final interview with immigration in "Chapter 89" makes Jorge realize that his fake feelings for Alba are real. So not only does he secure his green card, but they secure the fact that they're truly in love with one another.

With Alba's love life finally in order, Jane's should be up next. But for now, bask in the glow of Alba and Jorge's radiant hearts since these two have finally made it work on Jane the Virgin.